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*Research Data Services @ Georgia State University Library: WORKSHOPS ~ Etiquette & Policies

definition of 'etiquette' from Oxford English Dictionary (OED)definition of 'policy' from Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

RDS Workshops ~ No Registration ~ Don't Be Late!

  • IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS have no registration -- the first 25 people to arrive *on time* will be able to attend the workshop; workshop instructors may choose to refuse admittance to those arriving more than 5 minutes late.
    • NOTE: Due to COVID-19 social distancing practices, In-person workshops are suspended until further notice.
  • ONLINE WORKSHOPS have no registration and no attendance restrictions -- the more the merrier! 
  • RECORDED WORKSHOPS also count toward the certificate -- find the RECORDED WORKSHOPS here.


Please check the RDS workshops calendar regularly to make sure there's not been a date/time/location/link change for an RDS workshop that you plan to attend (because, without registrations, we have no way of notifying potential workshop attendees of these changes).

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Non-GSU Workshop Attendees

Non-GSU Workshop Attendees

We currently welcome workshop attendees who are not affiliated with GSU, including attendees from other Metro-Atlanta colleges and universities, GSU alumni, general community members, and beyond. 


  • GSU affiliates are given first priority for seats at in-person workshops and spaces in live online workshpos. If necessary, non-GSU attendees will be required to forfeit their seats/spaces to GSU affiliates if GSU affiliates arrive by the scheduled starting time. 
  • In the future we may choose to limit our workshop attendance to current GSU affiliates only, should increasing attendance numbers require it.

Can non-GSU researchers get one-on-one assistance outside of the workshops?

RDS Team members do not offer one-on-one assistance (either face-to-face, via email or other virtual modes, or over the phone) to non-GSU researchers as a general practice, because it is not sustainable for them to open their one-on-one services up that widely.