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*RESEARCH DATA SERVICES (RDS) @ Georgia State University Library: CAREERS in Data Services

CAREERS in Data Services!

Getting a grad-level degree that’s data / research focused but aren’t sure that a traditional 'professor' career path is right for you? But want to stay in an academic setting because corporate or public sector just isn’t your cup of tea?

Check out an ALT-AC (‘alternative academic’) CAREER in DATA SERVICES!

Below are resources to learn about

  • what it means to do "data services" in academia
  • what GSU’s Research Data Services (RDS) folx do
  • places to look for data services jobs
  • opportunities to test run a data services career by working with RDS now!

And always feel free to reach out to members of our GSU RDS Department to ask us about our careers!

Take a Test Run with RDS!

Wondering if research data services support is right for you? Take a test run with us!
  • We might have a graduate research assistantship position available for teaching data-skills workshops and supporting GSU researchers one-on-one -- ask Dr. Mandy about it!
  • Or volunteer to teach a data-skills workshop! We're always happy to increase our workshop offerings, and we're happy to sit in on a practice run to give you feedback to improve your teaching -- ask Dr. Mandy about it!