Karuna Counseling Oral History Project: O

Ory, Carole

Interviewee: Carole Ory
Interviewer: Susan Barrett
Date of Interview: May 13, 2016
Extent: 25 pages

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Carole Ory was born in Miami Beach, Fla., in 1944. She grew up mostly in Long Island, N.Y. The youngest of three children, Ory's childhood was characterized by frequently absent parents and conflicts with her siblings. She attended the University of Wisconsin intending to major in math, but ultimately studied social work. Ory married her college boyfriend, with who she had two children. She and her husband moved to Atlanta in 1971, where she eventually worked at Northside Family Planning abortion clinic, later at Karuna Counseling, and then in private practice. Ory is retired and lives in Decatur, Ga.

In this interview, Carole Ory describes her difficult family life and childhood. She talks about her education, meeting her husband in college, and dating then marrying him against her mother's wishes. Ory describes her career as a social worker and talks particularly about her time working at Karuna Counseling. She describes her experience at Karuna as overwhelmingly positive, though she discusses feeling "judged" by certain colleagues for being straight and married. Ory discusses how the value of social justice has informed her work as a social worker. She talks about her life in retirement and describes the benefits of aging.

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