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Science for Nonmajors -- General Guide: Magazine Articles

Science topics are everywhere, and this is where a nonmajor can learn more to make his/her research effective and fun.

All the News That Fits

Finding Your Way Around

Introduction: -- Is this guide for you?

And Finding a Topic that Works

Research with Background from Books

Research with Databases for Articles

And don't forget to Cite Your Sources

Where to Go -- Databases for Articles

Newspapers at News and Newspapers.

Your link to the Wall Street Journal.

There are both magazine and journal articles at EBSCOHost Academic Search Complete.

For more technology and business releated science articles, try EBSCOHost Advanced Placement Source.

For health-related articles, EBSCOHost Health Source -- Nursing and Academic Edition is another choice.

Search Proquest Health and Medical Collection.

Search Proquest Biology Database.

Search Proquest Science Database.

Help with Chemistry

Try the Chemistry Glossary.

All the News That Fits -- Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Up-to-the-minute information in articles makes your science topic come alive and your paper or project more interesting. Note: all links to databases with newspaper, magazine, and journal articles are in the box on the left side.


News and Newspapers is a database that offers the New York Times, Washington Post, and many other credible newspapers.

For more info about News and Newspapers learn to search it Step by Step.

the Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal covers science and technology from a business point of view.

Perimeter College at Georgia State University gets its full-text access to the Wall Street Journal. You can learn to search the Wall Street Journal Step by Step.

When looking for newspaper articles choose the longest and the newest. Using News and Newspapers' limiting options (on the left side of the screen) to choose Articles and Features under source type, yields substantial articles.

Magazine and Journal Articles

Magazines, trade/professional journals, and even some scholarly journals publish readable but in-depth articles. Science professors often prefer articles to books because that is what they themselves use in their own research. Note: all links to databases with magazine and journal articles are in the box on the left side.

    EBSCOHost database logo
  • Academic Search Complete -- offers articles on every conceivable academic and most general subjects.

  • Learn to search Academic Search Complete Step by Step.

  • Advanced Placement Source -- Similar to Academic Search Complete but with more business and technology articles. Learn to search Advanced Placement Source Step by Step

  • Health Source Nursing and Academic -- Offers in depth but approachable articles for medical topics. Learn to search Health Source Step by Step.
ProQuest Database Logo

ProQuest offers:
  • ProQuest Science Journals

  • ProQuest Biology Journals

  • ProQuest Health and Medical Complete

These databases offer both scholarly journals and more general magazines aimed at a college audience.

You can learn to search all of them Step by Step. Because ProQuest includes both advanced and general material in the same database, you may need to limit your results to find articles you can understand (See Below)

When I Can't Understand my Articles!

If you are finding all the articles you retrieve are written in professional jargon or are just plain impcomprehensible....

With both EBSCOHost (bottom) and ProQuest (top) databases, look for the limit boxes on the left side of the screen and restrict to Magazines.


Switch to a more general databse, such as Academic Search Complete or News and Newspapers.

ProQuest's limit to magazine box
EBSCHost's limit to magazine box

And if you need help or have any questions, don't forget that you can always ask a librarian.