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Science for Nonmajors -- General Guide: Intro

Science topics are everywhere, and this is where a nonmajor can learn more to make his/her research effective and fun.

Welcome and Is This Guide for You?

Finding Your Way Around

Introduction: -- Is this guide for you?

And Finding a Topic that Works

Research with Background from Books

Research with Databases for Articles

And don't forget to Cite your Sources.

Other Guides

Have you looked atStep by Step for Finding Books and Using Popular Databases,

Also try Step by Step with Social Science and Public Policy Databases.

And Step by Step with Science and Technology Databases.

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Help with Chemistry

Try the Chemistry Glossary.

Science and Technology for Nonmajors

This is YOUR Guide for...

  • A science topic seemed the best/most interesting on a professor's topic list.

  • Your professor asked you to reseach the history/impact of a particular technology.

  • An argument or explanation paper/speech topic has a science or medical side.

  • An public policy paper/speech topic involves science or technology.

  • A business topic involves science or technology.

  • A local issue touches on science, technology, or health issues.
  • This is Probably NOT Your Guide If...

    • Your science professor has asked you to find a research article or article in "the literature."

    • You have been salting, surgaring, or dehydrating eggs for Anatomy and Physiology.

    • You have had introductory biology for majors or AP Biology in high school and done well and really want to learn more. This is also true of those in other sciences.

    • You have a BURNING interest in a personal, family member's, or pet's health problem, or a technical issue effecting your household or community.

    Fortunately, there is Science Research in Depth for help exploring sophisticated, science topics.