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Science for Nonmajors -- General Guide: Background with Books

Science topics are everywhere, and this is where a nonmajor can learn more to make his/her research effective and fun.

Searching Science Books with GIL-Find

Where to Go

Finding Your Way Around

Introduction: -- Is this guide for you?

And Finding a Topic that Works

Research with Background from Books

Research with Databases for Articles

And don't forget to Cite your Sources.

And of Course...

Search GIL-Find.

Other Guides and Handouts

For a more general approach: Quick Searching with GIL-Find.

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Help with Chemistry

Try the Chemistry Glossary.

Science Books with GIL-Find

Fancy GIL-Find linked logo GIL-Find, Georgia State University Library's catalog, is the gateway to science books that provide background on a topic and that sometimes have the intelligent public rather than experts as their audience.

Keep in mind: Books are AT LEAST A YEAR OLD when published. Many also only have a chapter about your topic.

1) On any library web page, click the GIL-Find link, or type in your browser's locator bar. GIL-Find does NOT require a password, though you need the GALILEO password or your Campus ID and password to read eBooks off campus.

2) Type in a few words that describe your topic and click the big, bright red Search button.

GIL Find search ready to go!

Some examples of science topics are:

  • Fracking
  • Geoengineering
  • Plastics from Plants
  • Organ Transplants from Animals
  • Genetically Engineered Drugs

3) GIL-Find presents results in groups of fifty (50).

4) Look creafully at the titles. Not all of them will cover your topic.

5) To see the full entry for a book, click on its blue title.

6) Look very carefully at your books' years of publication. For topics in the news and most other science topics, NEWER IS BETTER. (See illustrations below)

Happy with your results If an item fits your topic, click on its title and look at its blue subject heading link(s). This will improve your search results.

Less than happy with my results If there are no items about your topic, rephrase your search, for example biotechnology instead of genetic engineering.

GIL-Find book showing subject headings and more

7) To find a print book, look for its call number and campus near the top of the page.

To find/read an eBook, log in to GIL-Find with your campusID and password. Then click the View It tab on near the top of the window.

Then click on the blue link.

Close up of the eBook link in GIL-Find

8) To return to the list of results click the your browser's back arrow. To see the next or previous book, click the tiny Next Record or Previous Record text links in the window's lower right corner.

9) To print, save (to your e-Shelf) or export book records. the book's records, click the Print or other icon. To email it, click the Email, and to save the reference to your e-Shelf, click Save to e-Shelf.

Options for printing and saving in Gil-Find

10) To start a new search, simply type it into the search box at the top of the page.