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BUSINESS INFORMATION PORTAL: Industry Profile and Leaders

Industry Overviews

The library has access to several resourse with industry overviews. As you begin to research, try these as starting points for the information you need.

  • IBISWorld - 700+ industry overviews, organized by NAICS code
  • Business Source Complete -  to search industries, click on Industry Profiles link in the right-hand menu
  • NetAdvantage - search here for Standard & Poors Industry Surveys


Additional resources that may provide background information about the industry being researched:

  • Encyclopedia of Global Industries (online) - overviews of major global industries. Reports include identification of major companies and major countries in the industry
  • Encyclopedia of American Industries (online) - a general overview if the history, organization and development of industries in the united states.
  • GlobalEdge - a free resource developed by Michigan State University that provides background information and links to additional resources for each industry

What if your industry isn't covered?

If working with an emerging industry, or a very specific one, industry analyses and financial information specifically for your industry may not be readily available. If that's the case, try these options:

  • Think of broader industries, such as bakeries rather than cupcake stores
  • Consider related industries as you adjust your search
  • Find the key players for your industry, and research them, then buid your industry analysis based on that information
  • Combine information from multiple industries - this can be a good strategy with emerging industries. You will need to ensure that you can justify how the information about these other industries is relevant to your industry.