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American Classic

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Corporate Scandals

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Changed the World

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Internet Search Engine

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Determine the Type of Company

Only public companies trade on the stock exchanges in the United States are required to provide extensive information on its financials, strategies, and other operations.  If your company is a subsidary of a larger company, a private company, or a non-U.S based company that is not publicly traded in the United States, the data sources available will be limited.

Find Company Profile or Annual Report

Learn the background of a company and current issues the company may be facing by locating the company annual report, company 10-K filing, company profile, or a company history.  The following sources provide excellent starting points for these types of resources:

Annual Report/10-K

Company Profile

Company History

  • Mergent Online
  • International Directory of Company Histories (v1-122, in print only). Library North 5, HD2721 .I63

Find Articles about the Company

The best way to develop a well-rounded understaning of a company is to read a lot of articles published in newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and academic journals.  Use the following databases to conduct extensive article searches on a company:

Find Company Financials

Public companies are required to provide access to financial information.  Use the following sources to access current and historical financial information for public companies:

Private companies are not required to provide financial information.  Usually researchers will only be able to find information regarding a company's annual sales.  The following sources are useful in locating information on private companies:

Create a List of Peers/Competitors

The following directories are useful in identifying a list of competitors or a list of companies with in a specific industry:

Find Market Data/Market Share

Article searching is an effective way to locate statistics on companies.  The following sources also provide access to market share data and other company statistics: