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Physics & Astronomy: Journal Articles

Finding Articles

For finding the full text of a known article, use Finding a Particular Article.

For searching for a particular topic in multiple sources, use Databases and Journals - Physics and Astronomy.

For searching or browsing in specific journals, use Publisher Websites.

For searching in related disciplines, such as biology or education, use Databases - Other Disciplines.

Database Basics and Search Planning

Using article databases, also referred to as bibliographic or literature databases, is an efficient way to find journal articles and sometimes other literature types.

Publisher Websites

Databases and Journals - Physics and Astronomy

Use these databases and collections of journals to find scholarly articles for most topics in Physics and Astronomy. The first three databases listed (Web of Science, ArXiv, and ADS) are recommended places to start.

Databases - Related Disciplines

Use these databases, along with multidisciplinary databases such as Web of Science, to find papers on topics connected to other disciplines.