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NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software: NVivo Workshops & Help Resources

An introduction to NVivo qualitative textual & audiovisual analysis software.

***CLICK HERE for NVivo Workshop Handouts and Help Resources***

Limited Functionality of NVivo for Mac

Apple logo and Windows logo with word abbreviation vs for versus in between them


Limited Functionality of NVivo for Mac

See this page for a discussion about the differences between the Mac and Windows version and how to work across platforms -- and LOOK AT THIS PAGE SECTION for all the features not present in the Mac version!


Options for running NVivo for Windows on a Mac computer:

If you want the full features of the Windows version available on your Mac, the company that produces NVivo, QSR International, recommends choosing one of these parallels/virtual desktops to install on Macs to then run NVivo for Windows:

Why are there no GSU-provided workshops on the Mac version of NVivo?

We do not offer workshops/recordings on the Mac version due to having no Mac access to do so. Differences in interface, functionality, and features between the Mac and Windows version of NVivo may make it difficult to follow along with the Windows workshop if you are using a Mac. If you are a GSU faculty, staff, or students and need training for the Mac version of NVivo, please directly contact Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh, Ph.D.

Can I switch back and forth between NVivo for Mac and NVivo for Windows?

Moving between Mac and Windows with NVivo is rife with technical problems – if it is all possible, DON’T try to work across these platforms. The company that makes NVivo has not invested enough resources in their Mac product, and it SHOWS.

Experiencing a "conversion error" when trying to convert an NVivo for Mac file in NVivo for Windows?

Download the below doc for troubleshooting tips: