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NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software: NVivo Help &

An introduction to NVivo qualitative textual & audiovisual analysis software.

GSU Affiliates can contact me, Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh, for one-on-one assistance with NVivo, or to arrange NVivo training workshops.


Upcoming NVivo Workshops @ GSU

computer monitor with word Workshops on it*Workshops for Windows version only*

NVivo 1 for Windows: Getting Started -- Basics of importing and coding different types of data sources. PREREQUISITE: Basic understanding of qualitative research methods is suggested, but not required. Watching this short tutorial on coding qualitative data before the workshop is recommended.

NVivo 2 for Windows: Exploring your Data -- Classifications, queries, visualizations, and reports to explore/analyze coded data sources. PREREQUISITE: NVivo 1 or equivalent experience.



Research using NVivo

Methods section of a journal article with a magnifying glass on word NVivoRead others' work who used NVivo for data analysis -- see how they used it, what types of data they analyzed with it, how they wrote up their analysis, etc.

Or search for NVivo-based articles specific to your discipline: go to our A-Z Databases list and use the All Subjects dropdown menu to go to specific databases by subject.

Limited Functionality of NVivo for Mac

Apple logo and Windows logo with word abbreviation vs for versus in between them

Limited Functionality of NVivo for Mac

Some key features NOT available on Mac version (as of 3/2/2020):

  • Automated Insights -- auto coding by themes, sentiment, or pattern-based
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Reports
  • Certain data visualizations -- cluster analysis, geovisualization, project map, sociograms (egocentric, network, or social media)

Issue with Big Sur OS (as of 3/29/2021):

There are issues with running NVivo for Mac on the Big Sur OS (operating system) -- the following link to two sites that suggest fixes for the issues:

Options for running NVivo for Windows on a Mac computer:

The company that produces NVivo, QSR International, recommends choosing one of these parallels/virtual desktops to install on Macs to then run NVivo for Windows: