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NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software: *OLD* NVivo (12 Plus) - Workshop Files and Help Resources

An introduction to NVivo qualitative textual & audiovisual analysis software.

*OLD* NVivo (12 Plus) Workshops Files & Handouts

Click here for RECORDED WORKSHOPS for NVivo 12 Plus version

FILES for *OLD* NVivo (12 Plus) workshops:

NVivo 1 workshop:

NVivo 2 workshop:

    • NVivo Project File (Mac version): CLICK HERE to Download
      • NOTE: The NVivo 12 Plus Mac version has a different interface than the Windows version I use in my workshops.
    • Classification Sheet CSV File to import into NVivo Project File (for NVivo Mac version): CLICK HERE to Download

Team Coding in NVivo

Four computer monitors with words Research Teams


There are various strategies for tracking team members’ work in NVivo and comparing coding, including generating inter-rater reliability measures. Download the below document that compiles helpful tips and linked resources for teamwork in NVivo.

NVivo is Multilingual!


NVivo provides the following text content languages that you can set to match the language of your data files:

Chinese (PRC), English (UK), English (US), French (France), German (Germany), Japanese (Japan), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico) 

If the language of your files is not available as a text content language, you should set the text content language to 'Other'. See these help pages for setting text content language and stop words: Windows version | Mac version

IMPORTANT: You can still use NVivo for your data analysis even if your data files are a different language from those provided as “text content language” options – but you won’t be able to take advantage of the NVivo features of (1) spell checking and (2) finding words with the same stem or similar meanings when you run Text Search and Word Frequency queries.