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Hack 4 Good 2022 Challenge Questions

Each Hack 4 Good Team can select one of the following four Challenge Questions to address in their proposal/project:

  • How can we make public transportation in Atlanta more equitable for and accessible for everyone?
  • How do we connect MARTA to other modes of transportation (e.g. pedestrian-friendly spaces, bicycling, scooters etc.) and communicate those connection to ensure their use?
  • How can we improve safety, security & health of those who interact with MARTA (e.g. riders, staff, and the Atlanta-area community)?
  • How can we move away from car-centric infrastructure to support other forms of transportation (e.g. public transportation, micromobility, walking, etc.)?

Problem Statement Creation Guide

After selecting your Challenge Question use it determine your problem statement with the following guide. Hint: start with part 3 & 4 and convert your challenge question to fit those sections. Then based on your Team Category and your Team’s desires focus on 1 & 2.

  1. We want to ___(Analysis/Action/Project etc.)______ 
  2. Using _______(Data, film, social media, etc.)______ 
  3. So that _(behavior change, structural/policy change, etc.)_
  4. So that _____ (Impact)_________


Hack 4 Good is a socially conscious campus competition that tasks students to think critically and collaborate with each other, and community stakeholders, to propose practical plans toward solving complex social issues. This year’s theme is transportation. With a downtown Atlanta focus, your challenges will be related to transportation and mobility issues, such as pedestrian safety, safe streets, green spaces, equality, and infrastructure, and is in alignment with President Blake’s College to Careers and Identity & Placemaking Pillars.

It takes a village to solve a problem, from the inside out and with everybody. ME, WE, ALL, our motto, represents this founding principle. Our Hack 4 Good welcomes all Georgia State undergraduates, from any school or college, to engage in categories of problem solving that fit your skillsets and/or major: (1) media, (2) government/corporate policy, (3) consumer products, (4) apps & platforms, (5) creative arts. 

This research guide provides resources to datasets, data dashboards, and software trainings and workshops that can help you identify, analyze, and use good data to guide your proposals.