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ENGL 1102 Online: Cite your sources

Research literary and non-literary topics using electronic and print sources. Also offers citation guidelines.

MLA Style Guides

How to format citations in MLA style on your list of works cited:

Online Citation Guides

Microsoft Word Citation tool

Zotero: Citation Management Made Easy

"My life just got a whole lot easier!"
~GPC Business student upon seeing Zotero create a works cited page.

Zotero is a free citation management program.

Zotero helps you:

  • format citations
  • insert citations in a paper
  • keep track of your resources
  • share resources with group members

Citation Help video

This video shows you how to find citation information in the GIL-Find catalog and in several research databases, including citation formatting tools.  It demonstrates how to translate that information into a citation.

Tips and Guidelines

Always use citations when:

  • quoting directly from a source
  • including statistics or other factual information
  • paraphrasing or summarizing an author's main idea

More help:

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