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ENGL 1102 Online: Non-literature

Research literary and non-literary topics using electronic and print sources. Also offers citation guidelines.

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Research databases recommended for your non-literary topic research assignment, and tips for how to use them. 

Non-literature Databases

For your non-literary assignment, you will need information about a topic relevant to your piece of literature -- not necessarily from literature-related databases. 

You might start your search with the DISCOVER Search and make note of some of the subject terms that relate to your topic.

For more options, try the multi-subject databases linked below or go to Databases by Subject.

Multi-Subject Databases

Databases by Subject

Some databases specialize in information specific to a subject area, such as business, medicine, psychology, or literatures. Why use these?

  • Specialized search tools and limiters
  • Information specific to the subject area

To identify databases for your subject, first visit the Library Homepage. Then use the Browse by Subjects link on the library homepage or in GALILEO to locate databases that fit your topic, like this:

Library Homepage        




Browse by subject

Quick Quiz - Non-literature Databases

Research Databases playlist