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Argument and More: General Resesarch Guide: Render SCOM 1000 Topics

Here is help with research for argument and expository papers for any introductory English, writing, or communications course, including Engl1101 and Comm1201.

Interesting Topics for SCOM 1000 (Render)

Interesting Topics for Render's SCOM 1000

Actors and Entertainers
Marlon Brando Actor/Director
Tom Cruise Actor
Miley Cyrus Actress and singer
Cary Grant Actor
Audrey Hepburn Actress
Paris Hilton Entertainer
Harry Houdini Escape Artist
Rock Hudson Actor
Angelina Jolie Actress
Kim Kardashian Entertainer
Grace Kelly Actress and princess
Marilyn Monroe Actress
Brad Pitt Actor
Sidney Poitier Actor
Martha Stewart Entertainer
John Wayne Actor
Sigourney Weaver Actress
Oprah Winfrey Entertainer

Artists and Photographers
Ansel Adams Photographer
Josef Albers Artist
Diane Arbus Photographer
Mary Cassatt Artist
Walt Disney Animator
Frank Ghery Architect
Edward Gorey Illustrator
Jasper Johns Artist
Peter Max Artist
Grandma Moses Artist
Jackson Pollock Artist
George Rhoads Sculptor
Maurice Sendak Illustrator
Andy Warhol Artist
Weegee Photographer

Lance Armstrong Disgraced Cyclist
Kobe Bryant Basketball Player
Lou Gehrig Baseball Player
Tonya Harding Disgraced Figure Skater
Hulk Hogan Professional Wrestler
Caitlyn Jenner Olympian
Michael Jordan Basketball Player
Carl Lewis Olympian
Shaquille O'Neal Basketball Player
Jesse Owens Olympian
Megan Rapinoe Soccer Player
Pete Rose Disgraced Baseball Player
Babe Ruth Baseball Player
Jim Thorpe Disgraced Olympian
Venus and Serena Williams Tennis Players
Tiger Woods Golfer

Authors, Poets, and Playwrights
James Baldwin Author
Toni Cade Bambara Author
Pearl Buck Author
Emily Dickinson Poet
Langston Hughes Author
Jack Kerouac Author
Toni Morrison Author
Ayn Rand Author and Philosopher
Mark Twain Author
Alice Walker Author
August Wilson Playwright

Joel Osteen Minister and motivational speaker
Fulton J. Sheen Catholic Bishop
Joseph Smith Founder Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

Civil Rights, Abolition, and Black Power
Medgar Evers Civil Rights Martyr
Fannie Lou Hamer Civil Rights Movement and Martyr
Martin Luther King Civil Rights Movement
Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement
Bobby Seale Black Panther Party
Emmett Till Civil Rights Martyr
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad
Malcolm X Black Power/Nation of Islam

Controversial and Criminal
Bonny and Clyde Criminals
Al Capone Gangster
Father Charles Coughlin Catholic Priest, conspiracist, and antisemite
John Dillinger Gangster
Henry Ford Industrialist and antisemite
Madison Grant Racist Writer
Patty Hearst Kidnap victim turned terrorist
Jesse James Criminal
Alex Jones Conspiracist
Charles Manson Criminal and cult leader

Labor Leaders
Cesar Chavez United Farm Workers
Joe Hill United Mine Workers

Musicians, Song Writers, Composers and Singers
Justin Bieber Singer
Johnny Cash Singer
DaBaby Hip Hop Artist
Drake Hip Hop Artist
Eminem Hip Hop Artist
George Gershwin Composer
Woody Guthrie Musician
Billie Holiday Singer
Michael Jackson Musician
Lady GaGa Musician
Leadbelly Musician
Madonna Singer
Elvis Presley Musician
Quavo Hip Hop Artist
Paul Robeson Singer

Politicians, First Ladies, and Justices
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Justice
Warren Harding President
Sally Hemings President Jefferson's mistress
Thomas Jefferson President
Hank Johnson Congressperson
Lyndon Johnson President
John F. Kennedy President
John Lewis Congressperson and Civil Rights leader
Barack Obama President
Michelle Obama First Lady
Sandra Day O'Connor Supreme Court Justice
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis First Lady
Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House of Representatives
Ronald Reagan President
John Roberts Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidenty
Teddy Roosevelt President
Adam Schiff Congressperson
Donald Trump President
George Washington President
Woodrow Wilson President

Scientists and Inventors
Benjamin Banneker Mathematician
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor
Rachel Carson Scientist
George Eastman Inventor
Thomas Edison Inventor
Richard Feynman Scientist
Stephen J. Gould Scientist
Barbara McClintock Scientist
Samuel Morse Inventor
Oliver Sacks Physician and writer
Carl Sagan Scientist
Jonas Salk Scientist
E.O. Wilson Scientist
Orville and Wilbur Wright Inventors

Soldiers, Explorers, Aviators and Astronauts
Neil Armstrong Astronaut
Amelia Earhart Aviator
Lewis and Clark Explorers
Douglas MacArthur General
James Mattis Soldier and former Secretary of Defense
Alexander Vindman Soldier

Stars of the New Economy
Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon
Bill Gates Former CEO Microsoft
Steve Jobs Founder of Apple
Travis Kalanick Former CEO Uber
Elon Musk CEO Tesla
Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook

Nonbiographical Topics
Bicycles in the 19th Century
History of Monopoly, the board game
History of Silicon Valley
How and why the government enacted pure food and drug laws.
The "radium girls."
The rise and fall of department stores
Social and economic effects of the boll weevil.
Steam Powered Automobiles
The wreack of the Edmund Fitzgerald