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Argument and More: General Resesarch Guide: Databases (Articles)

Here is help with research for argument and expository papers for any introductory English, writing, or communications course, including Engl1101 and Comm1201.

Academic Search Complete and Friends

Databases -- Academic Search Complete and Family

This page helps you to select databases for your research. .

Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete is a large database that offers magazine and journal articles on a wide variety of subjects. Articles are from both scholarly publications and general interest magazines. For help using Academic Search Complete, try Step by Step with Academic Search Complete.

Popular Ebsco Databases as a Colorful and Clickable Map

Health Source Business Source Complete ERIC Environment Complete Advanced Placement Source Psychology
and Behavioral Sciences Collection Academic Search Complete

ProQuest Databases

The Wide World of ProQuest Databses

The ProQuest logo A bedazzling variety of ProQuest databases provide access to articles in a wide variety of journals. A convenient list of links to them along with a guide to finding the right database awaits you at Step by Step with Lots of ProQuest Databases. ProQuest's specialized databases have college level and credible articles not available or hard to find in ProQuest Central

CQ Researcher

CQ Electronic Library

CQ Electronic Library

CQ Electronic Library offer sbook excerpts and reports on popular current events issue and includes useful tables, charts, and statistics.

To help you learn to use CQ Electronic Library, try Step by Step with CQ Electronic Library.