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Argument and More: General Resesarch Guide: MS Office Help

Here is help with research for argument and expository papers for any introductory English, writing, or communications course, including Engl1101 and Comm1201.

Help with Microsoft Office

Help with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Not an ad for Microsoft products

Although your professor and the Technology Service Desk are the best places to go for help with software concerns specific to your research, these web sites and handouts can often help trouble shoot a variety of software and computer problems and answer an assortment of technology related questions.

Georgia State University also offers their own Training Workshops. These workshops are both comprehensive and basic. This makes them great for absolute beginners and also for those who want to learn more.

Microsoft also offers a Office 365 Training Center for various versions of MS Office products, such as Word and PowerPoint.

Printing slides as handouts with PowerPoint

There are a variety of helpful articles and tutorials on MS Office products at Lifewire's (part of DotDash) Office Software page.

And MS Office for Dummies offers short but thorough tutorials to trouble shoot and prevent Word and PowerPoint problems, and to also help you get the most from your software.

If you need help formatting headers (page numbers) in Word especially if you do not want to number your first or cover page, please try Starting Page Numbering after a Cover Sheet .

If you need to convert Word 2010 or 2013 documents into an older format, Step by Step Creating and Opening WordPerfect and RTF Documents with MS Word is quite useful.

Fonts on parade in MS Word 2007