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Digital Literacies: A Guide to Higher Education Applications: Research


"Is the trend toward more technology in teaching a good trend? Does technology degrade or improve learning -- or have no real effect at all? In fairness, we should acknowledge that for most of the history of formal higher education, we haven't asked for empirical evidence of the effectiveness of traditional teaching techniques. In that sense, we're holding technologically aided teaching to a higher standard when we ask whether it really does produce the desired results of intellectual mastery, self-awareness, self-management abilities, critical thinking ability, and all the other goals of a college education."

Miller, M.D. (2014). Minds online: Teaching effectively with technologyCambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 


We acknowledge the assistance of the following GSU Honors College students in helping with the research of these topics:

Emily B. Thomas

Amy N. Hockstedler