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Digital Literacies: A Guide to Higher Education Applications: Applications



Teaching with Flexible Technology

Faculty developed teaching approaches that promote active learning with flexible technological tools. See the efforts of Dr. W.E. Buhro, Chemistry, and Dr. K. G. Miller, Biology.

Washington University in St. Louis

Making Sense of the 8 Elements of Digital Literacy 

The Professionalism in the Digital Environment (PriDE) project offers suggestions for how Doug Belshaw's eight essential elements of digital literacies can be applied in higher education settings/classrooms. Scroll down to the section that begins with the first element, "Cultural."

Developing Digital Literacies (Jisc)


A report on the University of Bath's digital literacies project, Professionalism in the Digital Environment (PriDE). The aim of the project was to explore ways to develop digital skills in the professional lives of staff and students. Examples of applications in the report include:

  • Enhancing critial thinking and writing through blogging (WordPress) on contemporary political issues. (p.2)
  • Enhancing learning through online student presentations, decidedly NOT PowerPoint. Rather, VoiceThread. (p. 2)
  • Using communication technologies (Adobe Connect) to build teams and collaboarte virtually. Exploring issues of online collaboration, trust, and conflict resolution. (p. 3)

The Design Studio (Jisc)