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More Database Handouts: Step by Step Accessing the AJC

Sometimes popular and general databases are not enough. Learn to search more social science, local, statistical, and education, and dictionary databases step-by-step.

Step by Step Accessing the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Step by Step Accessing the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The best place to find articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is at the paper's own web site, makes available not only the AJC's own material, but also syndicated Cox items, and transcripts and videos from radio/TV station, WSB. As of Autumn 2020, the AJC now has a monthly paywall that limits you to five(5) articles. You can still use this handout to find the first five articles, but after that search the AJC with ProQuest News and Newspapers .Here is how you find material in the AJC:

1) Use your favorite search engine to find or type into your browser's locator bar.

2) The AJC displays a variety of stories, mostly local, as a quilt of images on the front page. If you are looking for material on a specific subject, you can search the AJC like any library database.

3) Before you begin searching think about the important words in your topic. If your topic is preventing Candida auris. Your important words are prevention and Candida auris.

4) Type your keywords into the borderless search box in the top right corner of the page. It is nestled among a row of headings and has a magnifying glass next to it. Click the magnifying glass to launch your search.

The AJC's search box with a search for Candida auris prevention inside it

5) The AJC presesnts articles in pages of ten (10). You need to scroll to see every article on the page. You can move between the pages with the numbers on the bottom of the page.

6) To view an article, click on its blue title.

7) Articles open in a separate tab and also include links to related material and outside sources. Click on the blue links in the text to see more.

What a list of articles in the AJC online looks like

8) Articles begin with a photo or video. Look carefully below this illustration for a byline that indicates the article's source. There are WSB news pieces, Cox Newspapers, and Associated Press content at Below is an image of part of an article.

Title, byline, image, and content from an AJC article

9) Alas, articles at are NOT formatted to print well directly. A style sheet and silent frames cut off lines at the tops and bottoms of pages. To print an AJC article:

1) Open a blank document in Word.

2) Highlight and copy the article's title to your document.

3) Highlight the entire article including the author's name and whether it is Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Cox, or WSB. Copy it and paste that below the title.

4) Copy the URL from your browser's locator bar and paste that above or below the article. 5) Save your Word document to a flash drive, upload it to One Drive, attach it to email, or upload it to Google Drive.

The illustration below shows these steps.

Transferring an AJC article to a Word document for printing, saving, and emailing.

10) To cite AJC articles please refer to the Citation Styles Research Guide or the MLA Style for Assorted Web Sources.