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More Database Handouts: Step by Step Custom Tables with the United States Census

Sometimes popular and general databases are not enough. Learn to search more social science, local, statistical, and education, and dictionary databases step-by-step.

Step by Step Custom Tables with the United States Census

Step by Step with Creating Custom Tables with the United States Census


The United States Census is the Premier source for statistics about population and also some economic data. This page teaches you how to negotiate its somewhat, tricky web site to build custom tables that give you just the statistics you need.

1) You can find the United States Census and related material at .

2) Slide your mouse over the Data Tools Developers tab and select American Fact Finder.

3) Select Data Tools and Apps. Then choose American Fact Finder.

American Fact Finder Enter Here

4) On this page, you have at least two choices:

a) If you want data ONLY census data, scroll down, and click Get Data to the right of Decennial Census

b) If you don't mind using other sources click on Advanced Search in Mbold near the top of the page. .

5) And the Census also offers you two ways to search:
  Choosing where to go to find your data
Census topic and geography boxes. a) Open the Topics facet on the left side of the page. Choose a topic from the list. Topics expand as you click their plus signs.

b) Open the Geographies facet on the left side of the page to choose a city, county, or state.


a) Fill in a topic in the topic or table name box near the top of the page.

b) Fill in a place in the state, county or place box near the top of the page.

Select a table name box

6) Click GO in the charcoal gray box near the top of the page to launch your search.

7) The Census retrieves a number of tables. Choose the tables that best fit your needs by checking off the boxes on the left.

8) Next click View to see your tables.

9) To save your table choose Download. The Census offers you several formats including PDF and Word..

10) Print also creates a PDF. file of your document that you can then print or save.

11) Bookmark. gives you either a bookmark or a permanent and very long URL for your table. To copy the URL, click Bookmark and then ctrl-C or Copy under Edit. You can then paste this long URL in a shortener, a Word document, or an email.

Printing, saving, and bookmarking your custom table

12) To modify your search click the charcoal colored box that says Back to Advanced Search or the arrow that also says Advanced SearchM. From there you can add or remove facets or even start a new search.

13) If you want only Census Data, do NOT start a new search by clearing all facets and starting a new search, because your Census-only restriction disappears.

14) Instead click the tab that says Main