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More Database Handouts: Step by Step Accessing the New York Times

Sometimes popular and general databases are not enough. Learn to search more social science, local, statistical, and education, and dictionary databases step-by-step.

Step by Step Accessing the New York Times with ProQuest

Step by Step Accessing the New York Times

ProQuest offers full text access to the New York Times, a newspaper of record. Nobel laureates, Presidents, ambassadors, and others appear on its op-ed pages, and the paper offers in-depth coverage of both US politics and world affairs. To find articles in the New York Times...

1) Start at the big, Discover box on the the library web page.

2) Choose Databases A-Z, below the search box and select N or select N from the alphabet below the big search box on the library web site.

The alphabet below the big blue search box takes you to the Wall Street Journal

3) Scroll down and click New York Times , but NOT New York Times 1856-2012 or you will miss current articles.

4) A typical college level search often involves two ideas, for example genetic modification of salmon.

A boolean search genetically modified salmon in the New York Times You need to turn this topic into a statement that The New York Timesunderstands by combining the main ideas with AND. Genetic modification of salmon becomes genetically modified AND salmon. Note: you can substitute fish for salmon if you think you need more results. Similar search terms are called synonyms. Looking at the subject from an opposite point of view sometimes leads to including antonyms in a search, for example safety for accidents.
5) Type in your search. Click the white magnifying glass in the turquoise box to start your search.

Searching for genetically modified salmon via the New York Times

6) Proquest presents results in groups of 20.

7) There are hints for improved searching in the light gray box at the top of the results list. Click View all to see all the "hints."

Proquest presents results in groups of twenty but you only see two

8) To see only the most current news on your subject, remove older articles, by sliding the knob toward the right in the turquoise date graph in the facet box on the left of the page.

9) You can move between pages with the Next Page and Previous Pagelinks at the bottom of the window, or you can choose a page number.
A closeup of the New York Times date facet.
p> 10) Open articles by clicking on their blue titles.

11) To see PDF versions of articles, select the PDF icon.  The gray and blue Proquest PDF icon

12) To revise your search, edit what is in the search box at the top of the page and click the white magnifying glass.
13) To print your article, click the blue print link in the light gray box on the right of the page. How you print in a Proquest database