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Georgia Radio Hall of Fame: About

This guide documents the inductees and award winners of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

Introduction to Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

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The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame was founded in 2007 to honor the work of Georgia's radio professionals and to preserve the history of Georgia radio.

The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame was a nonprofit organization based in LaGrange. Its mission was to recognize radio professionals from the state of Georgia or who worked in the state of Georgia and to preserve the history of Georgia radio. It was founded in 2007 by Sam Hale and John Long. 




The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame recognized two categories of inductees - career achievement (for living radio professionals) and legacy (for deceased radio professionals). Members of the organization nominated and selected the career achievement inductees and legacy inductees. The Induction Awards event was held annually. 

The organization also bestowed three awards, the Founders and Directors Award, Elmo Ellis Spirit Award, and Horizon Award:

  • Founders and Directors Award
    • A special award for Georgia radio professionals who excelled, but may have not received the recognition they deserve. It was not awarded every year.
  • The Elmo Ellis Spirit Award
    • Elmo Israel Ellis was a respected writer and producer who worked for WSB Radio and WSB Television in Atlanta from the 1940s to the 1980s. The honoree was a Georgia radio professional who demonstrated unique leadership. The recipient of this award was selected by the board of directors and the Ellis family. It was not awarded every year.
  • The Horizon Award
    • The Horizon Award was created to honor young Georgia radio professionals. It was given once in 2015 to two award recipients.

Georgia Radio Museum

Since the organization's inception, members donated Georgia radio memorabilia, audio recordings, and photographs. In 2014, a small display was set up in St. Marys, Georgia. In 2017, it was moved to LaGrange, Georgia and in 2021, permanently moved to Columbus, Georgia. 

In 2013, a digital exhibit documenting the history of radio broadcasting in Georgia since its inception in 1922 was unveiled at Georgia State University. The exhibit was created by GSU graduate students, the former Popular Music and Culture Archivist, Kevin Fleming, and John Long, co-founder and president of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.




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