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Clarkston Library Content - Handouts: Education Journals

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Education Journals

Where to Go

GALILEO Education Article Databases

Academic Search Complete: articles on just about any subject, including education.

EBSCOHost ERIC: the definitive education database for both articles, references, and reports.

EBSCOHost Professional Development Collection: Quickly updated access to articles in professional, educational journals.

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Clarkston Print Plus GALILEO Full Text Education Journals

If you need to browse education journals or find just one article, or if you are searching for a topic and want to explore, this list of education journals is for you. Note: Print refers to print at Clarkston (JCLRC), but the most of the journals are full text on GALILEO or their own web sites. Remember to login through iCollege or the catalog on the library web page if you are off campus.

Education in General

Children and Society
Wiley: 1997 --
Curriculum Journal
Taylor & Francis: 1990 --
Curriculum Review
ProQuest Central: 1999 --
Academic Search Complete: 1969 --
Education Digest
ProQuest Central: 1988 --
Education Week
Academic Search Complete: 1995--
Scholastic Teacher
formerly Instructor
Academic Search Complete: 1999 --
Journal of Education
EBSCOHost MasterFILE Elite: 1995--
Curriculum & Teaching Dialogue
EBSCHost Education Source: 2002 --
Journal of Experiential Education
EBSCOHost Education Source: 1998 --
Journal of Experimental Education
Taylor & Francis : 1932 --
Current Issues in Education
Full Text: own web site 1998 -- (Fifteen month delay)
Journal of Moral Education
Taylor & Francis: 1971 --
Phi Delta Kappan
Academic Search Complete: 1994--
Professional Educator
EBSCOHost Education Source: 2004 --
Educational Research and Reviews
Full Text: at own web site 2006 --
ProQuest Central: 1992--

Educational Research
Educational Theory
Wiley: 1996 --
Journal of Educational Research
Taylor & Francis: 1920 --
Roeper Reivew
Taylor & Francis: 1978 --
Theory into Practice
Taylor & Francis: 1962 --
Educational Administration
EBSCOHost Education Source: 1994 --
Educational Leadership
EBSCOHost Education Source: 1943--
Education for Specific Populations or in Specific Subjects
American Secondary Education
EBSCOHost Education Source: 1996--
Diverse Issues in Higher Education
ProQuest Central: 1994 --
Early Childhood Education Journal
SpringerLink: 1995 --
Enlgish Journal
NCTE: 1912, 1959 --
High School Journal
Project Muse: 2001 --
Multicultural Perspectives
Taylor & Francis: 1999 --
Reading Improvement
EBSCOHost Education Source: 1996 --
Reading Teacher
Wiley: 2004 --
Elementary School Journal
University of Chicago Press Journals: 2004 --
TESOL Quarterly
Wiley: 1996 --
Taylor & Francis: 1969 --
Clearing House
Taylor & Francis: 1935 --
Chronicle of Higher Education
Print: Available
Chronicle of Higher Education: 1989 --
College Composition and Communication
NCTE: 1950 --
College English
NCTE: 1962 --
Community College Journal of Research & Practice
Taylor & Francis: 1993 --
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
Wiley: 2004 --