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Clarkston Library Content - Handouts: Psychology Journals

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Psychology Journals

Where to Go

GALILEO Psychology Article Databases

Academic Search Complete: General and scholarly magazine and journal articles on every imaginable subject, including mental illness and health.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection at EBSCOHost

Psychinfo the definitive psychology database.

: Scholarly, full-text, humanities and social science (includes psychology) articles.

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Learn to search social science (includes psychology) databases step by step.

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Clarkston Full Text Psychology Journals

If you need to browse a psychology journal or find just one article, or if you are searching for a topic and want to see what is out there, this list of psychology journals is for you. Nearly all journals are ull text and available through the library web site, but one is on its own web site. Click the publisher/database name to open your journal, and you will need to log in with your iCollege userid and password if you are off campus.

Psychology and Psychiatry Journals

General Psychology and Psychiatry

American Journal of Psychology
JSTOR: 1887 --
American Psychologist
EBSCOHost PsychArticles: 1946--
Annual Review of Psychology
Annual Reviews: 1996 --
British Journal of Psychiatry
Highwire: 2000 --
1 year embargo
British Journal of Psychology
Wiley: 1996 --
Canadian Psychology
EBSCOHost PsycArticles: 1950 -
Depression and Anxiety
Wiley: 1996 --
European Psychologist
EBSCOHost PsychArticles: 1996 --
JAMA Psychiatry
American Medical Association: 1959 --
Journal of Clinical Psychology
Wiley: 1996 --
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
EBSCOHost PsychArticles: 1937 --
Menatal Health & Prevention
Elsevier: 2013 --
Psychological Bulletin
APA PsycArticles: 1904 --
Psychological Medicine
Cambridge: 1997 --

Child Psychology and Psychiatry

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
APA PsycNet: 1930 --
Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Wiley: 1996 --
Child Development
Wiley: 1996 --
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Wiley: 1996 --
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Elsevier: 1964 --
Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Elsevier: 1995 --
Jounal of Youth and Adolescence
SpringerLink: 1972 --
Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
SpringerLink: 1973 --

Social and Occupational Mental Health

American Journal of Community Psychology
Wiley: 1996 --
Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health
Wiley: 1996 --
Current Research in Social Psychology
Current Research in Social Psychology: 1995 --
International Journal of Research in Marketing
Elsevier: 1995 --
Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Wiley: 1996 --
Journal of Marriage and Family
Wiley: 2000 --
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
Wiley: 1996 --
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
EBSCOHost PsychArticles: 1965 --
Journal of Social Psychology
Taylor & Francis: 1930 --
Journal of Vocational Behavior
Elsevier: 1971 --
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Sage: 1997 --
Social Issues and Policy Review
Wiley: 1996 --

Other Mental Health Topics

American Journal on Addictions
Wiley: 1996 --
Archives of Sexual Behavior
SpringerLink: 1971 --
Behavior Therapy
Elsevier: 1970 --
Body Image
Elsevier: 2004 --
Computers in Human Behavior
Elsevier: 1985 --
Environment and Behavior
Sage: 1998 --
Health Psychology
EBSCOHost PsychArticles: 1982 --
International Journal of Eating Disorders
Wiley: 1996 --
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Elsevier: 1984 --
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Elsevier: 2007 --
Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior
Wiley: 1996 --