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Library Faculty Research Resources: FRC Research Mentor Program

Volunteer as a Mentor/Mentee

Volunteer as a Mentor/Mentee

You may use the Google Form application to request a research mentor or volunteer as a mentor. The form is more than a year old, and committee members might not check it regularly. If you are really interested in mentoring or being mentored, you may also want to email committee members. Check this guide's first page for a current listing. A Faculty Research Committee Member will respond to you about your request.

FRC-Administered Research Mentor Program

Would You Like a Mentor

The Faculty Research Committee administers the Library's formal Research Mentor Program. Library faculty members may choose to be mentored (i.e., be a mentee) or to mentor another faculty member (mentors must be at the rank of Librarian Assistant Professor or above).

What assistance can a mentor provide to a mentee?

  • Dossier preparation for promotion and/or structured review.
  • Development of an idea into an article, presentation, grant proposal, etc.
  • Editing or proofreading manuscripts to be submitted for publication.
  • Identifying relevant publication/presentation venues
  • Identifying resources within the library and university to support LIS research.

See the Mentoring Guidelines, Mentoring Agreement, and Mentoring Program Request documents near the bottom left for more details, or email the current chair of the Faculty Research Committee with questions.