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Library Faculty Research Resources: Getting Started

How the Faculty Research Committee Can Help

The Faculty Research Committee:

  • can connect you with a mentor!
  • can read over your manuscript and make suggestions!
  • sponsors talks or programs in support of faculty research efforts: tools, tips, success stories, etc.

Want to teach your faculty colleagues something? Let us know!

2020-2021 Committee members:

  • John Bodnar (chair)
  • Katherine Fischer
  • Eileen H. Kramer
  • Amy Stalker

Where to Look for Research Opportunities & Resources

How to Come Up with a Research Topic

Research ideas can come from:

  • Work that you do every day
  • Colleagues
  • Conference poster sessions are especially fertile ground for gleaning ideas
  • Looking at the professional literature. What are other people writing about? At the end of articles, writers often identify areas for further research; this is a great source of ideas.
  • Keeping an open mind and being curious
  • Cutting-edge things the Library is doing
  • Getting on professional committees with "research" or "statistics" in their names
  • Looking through encyclopedias of library science
  • Checking annual reviews of library and information science
  • Listserv threads

(Based on Librarian Research Resources: Research: Getting Started with My Project, by Iowa State University Library.) 

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Have I done a thorough literature review?
  • Is my research question clearly defined?
  • Have I had someone read over and/or critique my proposal? My final paper?
  • Are my research instruments aligned with best practices?
  • If my research involves human subjects, how will I prepare for IRB approval?
  • Have I identified potential publication venues for this research?
  • Have I considered which citation style I should use for publication venues?
  • What structural pieces will my final product need to include? (i.e. methodology section, data analysis, and so on)

PM 36: Faculty Scholarly Activities

Personnel Memorandum 36. available in the University Library Sharepoint, in the "Memoranda" folder. includes information about support for library faculty research.

Watch These Webinars!

We highly recommend these introductions to scholarly research and publishing for librarians.