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Great Web Sites: General Research Guide: Science

Need to find quality material on the open web? Has your professor asked you to find a web page for your paper or Powerpoint, well look no further.

Science and Medicine Meta Sites

Science, Technology, and Healthlittle cadeucus

Medline Plus
This site features not only brief articles from such authoritative government and private agencies as the National Institute of Health and the Mayo Clinic, but also its own medical dictionary, medical encyclopedia with illustrations, and a gateway to the PubMed database, a free version of Medline that is partially full text.

This site, created by the American Academy of Family Physicians, offers articles on diseases, therapies, and prevention written in a comprehensible style.

National Library of Medicine
This site features not only a link to Medline Plus, but also clinical trials, the Medline database, a medical encyclopedia, and a medical dictionary with diagrams. This site is especially useful for students of anatomy.

Health on the Net Foundation
A search engine that lets you search for sites that meet either the HONCode or HONSelect's strict set of guidelines. This means the approved sites are low in advertising, have clear authors who state their credentials, and offer credible health science information. This site now has Web 2.0 features that let users rate web sites and supply images. And of course, Health on the Net offers a selective, medical site search engine: HonSelect.

Sci-Tech Daily
This PBS sponsored website, offers links to in-depth but comprehensible articles on space, technology, biology, medicine, and technology.
A news site that offers articles in plain English arranged by topic, galleries of science images, Top 9 and 10 lists, videos, and more.

Highwire Press
Highwire is a gateway to mainly free, full text, scholarly journals in the sciences. Offerings include Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Journals that are full text, say Free Site in a tan block to the right of the title. Highwire's articles are NOT light reading, but they look excellent in a paper's works cited, and they may not be available as full text in your library's databases.

Biomed Central
BiomedCentral features over a hundred full text, freely available, scholarly life science journals in a variety of subdisciplines. Access to full search capability requires free registration, and the level is aimed at those who are either very motivated or who have had college biology, but these articles look great in a works cited and are both authoritative and sophisticated.

Biomed Central Blogs Readable, in-depth articles by scientist bloggers. Topics are newsworthy and open new horizons. The blog entries also offer links to scholarly articles possibly available through the library web page.

Genetics Home Reference
This site features articles on heredity in general, genetic diseases, mutations, and the human genome, all written in language that the ordinary citizen can understand.
News, fora, blogs, and more from the bleeding edge of the world of technology, gadgets, and gizmos. The site covers everything from MP3 swapping to catproofing your electronics.
This site offers up-to-date articles on both the business and technology side of information technology. There are also downloads and blogs that deal with the internet of things, computer related law, new software etc...

One of the world's premier, popular, magazines for gadgets, computers, scientific speculation, and cyberculture. Articles are readable and offer an interesting mix of science, business, and just plain fun. Note: Wired demands that you turn OFF your ad blocker. And Wired now features a pay wall that allows only a small number of free articles per month. You can break through the paywall at ProQuest Central.

Information Week
Here is a great place to go for in-depth articles on the IT industry and internet from a business/enterprise point of view. Article authors are experts in their field. The forum is somewhat less credible, but fun to read.
This site bills itself as "News for Nerds and Stuff that Matters" It carries the latest technology news including the legal, technical, and social aspects of computing and the internet. It also has links to quite a few science headlines. The comments can be a bit off color, but they are often insightful and fun.
Brought to you by Wiley, the company that publishes For Dummies books, offers articles and videos on how to do just about everything.

A site that answers the questions that make life with technology better. The site covers: useful web sites, smartphone apps, product reviews, software, some popular culture, and more.
This meta-site is a portal to government created and sponsored science information including, maps, statistics, and images as well as articles. Topics covered range from medicine to space science.

World Health Organization
This site features articles, fact sheets, and statistics on diseases and health related development issues. Fact Sheets are in the Media Centre. The focus is international, which makes it an especially good site for research on epidemics and infectious diseases.