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Great Web Sites: General Research Guide: Video and Images

Need to find quality material on the open web? Has your professor asked you to find a web page for your paper or Powerpoint, well look no further.


More to Multi-Media

There is more to multi-media than just watching copies of your favorite funny commercial or music video on YouTube or just grabbing the first image you see after a search on Google. This page offers links to sites for quality video on various subjects, and  to sites for images that you can add to class projects, and which help you better understand events in the news.

Note: adding a Youtube to a PowerPoint is a complex but doable process. Please consult Step by Step Help with PowerPoint to learn how.

Video Sources

Video Sources at a Glance
New York Times Video The New York Times presents videos of world news, national news, arts, culture, sports, and more. Note: the Times limits free access to its material to five(5) items per month. With ProQuest New York Times, you can read as many articles as you want.
CNN Offers current events, sports, national, and international news, as well as lifestyle and entertainment related videos. Coverage is up to the minute.
MSNBC Features current events, news, sports, and lifestyle stories. Coverage is extremely current,  with a focus on the United States. This site requires you to disable your ad blocker.
BBC Audio and Video Current events from around the globe along with international sports, and in depth reporting.
NPR podcasts Podcasts on science, culture, technology, and more varying from a few minutes in length to nearly an hour.
PBS Video See full length PBS programs (and previews/trailers) that cover news, the arts, science, and more.
C-Span CSPAN is Congress' own broadcasting system, and the site offers speeches and public affairs program on any topic related to government and public policy. You can also sometimes watch Congress and the Senate live, which is both informative and entertaining.
Ted Watch short, fascinating lectures on science, technology, and public policy topics by experts in their respective fields.
ESPN This sports network is the place to go for highlights from your favorite games or to watch the action on live, streamed video. Note: ESPN now hides some of its video content behind a paywall.

Gallery of Image Sites

Gallery of Image Sites
Creative Commons Search Creative Commons is a more liberal alternative to copyright. Search for photos and images with this simple, single search box. Most photos retrieved in a Creative Commons search are licensed by their creator for display in PowerPoints, on the web, and as part of new works or mashups.
Public Domain Pictures A searchable catalog of photos that are free to use in class presentations, pages, on Facebook, or for other artistic, noncommercial, and academic work. Note: a few rows near the bottom of each page are images for sale through a commercial site.
Vecteezy From seamless digital paper to those nice clip art sketches that are just perfect for icons or decorations, Vecteezy has it all. There is even a free downloadable editor of sorts. Beware premium and Shuterstock images interspersed above and between the free offerings.
Pixnio Photos, drawings, paintings, and clip art with no copyright and no rights reserved. The search engine on the site requires a "less is more" strategy, but you can also search by color. These images are available for academic and commercial use.
5,000 Free Stock Photos Features thousands of copyright-free (public domain) photos and clip art for your web sites, Facebook gallery, web board, avatars, and Powerpoint presentations. As of March 2020. the site's style sheet is broken, but the photos are still there.
Library of Congress Photos and Videos Collections of photography and artwork, mainly dealing with historical subjects. The site has everything from photos of child factory workers, to old time baseball cards, to Japanese woodblock prints. Images are available in several sizes, and each image category has its own search engine and browseable thumbnails.