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Great Web Sites: General Research Guide: News

Need to find quality material on the open web? Has your professor asked you to find a web page for your paper or Powerpoint, well look no further.

All The News That's...

a news stand All The News That's...

Here is a group of news sites that provide credible information because they have reputations to protect and fact checkers who do their best to make sure the news you read is at least reasonably accurate. No news source is perfect or entirely unbiased, but these are clearly among the more reliable out there.

The New York Times The news paper of record for the United States. This paper covers the world, the nation, arts, culture, sports, science, and of course New York itself. Since December of 2017, the New York Times has limited free access to FIVE ARTICLES per month. News and Newspapers busts through that paywall!

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Our local newspaper and the Cox publication's flagship paper now has a FIVE ITEM PAYWALL! You can search the AJC plus enjoy content from WSB at Then you can search for the actual articles at ProQuest News and Newspapers and learn to search it Step by Step.

The Los Angeles Times is known for its excellent features and articles, including international coverage. The LosAngele's Times has a five(5) article paywall. Fortunately, you can break through with News and Newspapers.

The Washington Post is a great source for news both within "the Beltway" and around the world. The Washington Post once gain has a paywall. You can bypass the paywall with News and Newspapers.

The Christian Science Monitor This newspaper (now only a web paper) from Boston is known for its even-handed and in depth coverage of world and national affairs as well as social trends. Note: the Christian Science Monitor recently implemented a paywall. Fortunately, you can access it via ProQuest.

The Wall Street Journal The nation's premier business newspaper offers extensive financial coverage, world and national news with a slightly right-of-center political slant, and sections on both personal finance and lifestyles of the well to do. Half the Wall Street Journal is locked behind a paywall. Fortunately, you can read this paper on ProQuest Wall Street Journal. Here is how to do it step by step.

Mother Jones Left of center, colorful, and readable, this magazine offers articles on politics, the environment, health care, criminal justice reform, and food.

The Reveal The Center for Investigative Reporting partnering with newspapers, that are often otherwise behind paywalls, posts long form investigative articles. Examine the articles' dates carefully. There is about ten years worth of material on the site.

The National Review Online This right of center periodical, was home to the late William F. Buckley, and the sometimes infamous Michelle Malkin, along with a wealth of reasoned, conservative commentary and articulate blogs.

The American Spectator Sharp tongued and partisan, this magazine brings you articles on current affairs with a strong pro free enterprise (laissez faire captitalism) slant. There are several feeds, and you can find individual columnists under Authors.

Vox Vox, claims it is the net's "explainer" of news. It features in-depth articles, by signed authors with profiles. The articles cover, news, politics, technology, and more.

Foreign Affairs The electronic version of an authoritative journal of public policy and foreign relations which offers lengthy, in-depth, and somewhat conservative articles on world events. "Premium articles" on this web site are behind a pay wall, but regular articles are still free. And yes, you can read all of Foreign Affairs on Academic Search Complete on GALILEO.

Psychology Today Articles on mental health and illness as well as self help written in a style most readers can understand.

Broadcast News

just a tv Broadcast News

This section is for links to radio and television sources of news and their web page equivalents. Just as with newspapers, fact checkers and a desire to keep a sterling reputation means that most broadcast news is reasonably credible.

CNN.comEveryone thinks of CNN when they think of news. They are current, though very United States -- centric in their approach. When it comes to online news, many people reach for MSNBC, first and foremost. Think NBC instead of Microsoft, and you'll realize this outlet provides, reputable, general news.MSNBC requires you disable your ad-blocker. You may have seen National Public Radio transcripts in Opposing Viewpoints but the web site offers more transcripts and also live audio.

CBC For news from NORTH of the border, try the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Pour les informations, Canadienne essayez CBC en Francais.

BBC For in-depth world news, nothing beats the BBC. Listen to the World Service. Read the latest stories, and get a refreshingly different point of view from the US media.

PBS Newshour Just as the television version of NewsHour presents the stories behind the story, Online Newshour gives you in depth articles and transcripts with an option to download or view the video version. There is also an archive of recent programs too. For up to date and in-depth sports coverage, this is your site! ESPN is more than just professional baseball, football, basketball, and ice hockey. It has sections on college athletics, NASCAR, a separate section for cricket, and even covers video gaming.