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ENGL 1101 Online: Introduction

Research help for English 1101 Online

Introduction to this guide

Welcome to this Guide for ENGL 1101!

The information in this guides supports research assignments in English 1101 classes, but you may find it useful for other classes as well.  Follow the guide in sequence for a complete tutorial, or skip around to the areas that interest you most. 

In this guide....

Library Services for Online students at GSU

Whether you take classes Online only, Face-to-face, or both, GSU Library is here to provide you with the resources you need for your research assignments as well as librarians to help you.

Information resources

  • Online books, articles, and videos - find in Research Databases
  • Print resources: Find in GIL-Find catalog, then GIL Express delivers books to the USG library most convenient to you

Need help?
Get personalized help from librarians or learn on your own online.

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Ask a Librarian Chat & FAQs

This box is the same one that appears on the library home page. Chat service is staffed by reference librarians at Perimeter and Atlanta. When chat isn't staffed, it becomes a LibAnswers search box and users can submit their own questions, which goes to a helpdesk-like queue.

Library Hours

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