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Project site for CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment at Georgia State University Library (2013-2014)


Joe Molecule

CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment is an ambitious and innovative project to create a technology-rich discovery space and digital scholarship center within Georgia State University Library.

At the heart of the Georgia State University campus, the University Library is engaging students, faculty, and staff by connecting them with data sets, unique visualization hardware and software, and the latest online research tools.  Over 10,000 students visit the University Library every day, with well over 1.5 million visits per year.

CURVE brings together:

  • budding researchers (undergraduates), graduate students, and expert researchers from multiple disciplines in a shared, hands-on, interactive research environment
  • engaged learners and researchers with an interest in making new connections with spatial and numeric data, digital media, and human narrative, bridging the arts and sciences
  • 21st century investigators who seek to bridge quantitative and qualitative methods, creativity, and diverse modes of inquiry
  • visualization and modeling software, high-end graphics processors, and immersive large-scale displays
  • access to specialty software packages for quantitative, qualitative, and spatial data analysis
  • the latest geospatial and visualization tools for analyzing the complex challenges of cities, connecting Atlanta with the world
  • one-on-one and group consultations, workshops, guest lectures and presentations

CURVE stands out as a resource on the Georgia State University campus for investigators in all disciplines and at all levels.

CURVE is Open

This guide documents CURVE design and planning from early 2013 to its completion in summer of 2014.

Visit the current CURVE site for the latest news and projects.

View the report of our first-year successes pdf, 2014-15.

Core Design Team

Bryan Sinclair
Associate Dean & Project Lead
Georgia State University Library

Krista Graham
Head, Digital Library Services

Khyle Hannan
Library Facilities Coordinator

Joseph Hurley
Interim Director, CURVE

Technical Advisors:

Keith Campbell
Director, Technology Engineering
Information Systems & Technology

Davide Gaetano
IT Architect
Information Systems & Technology

Jack Reed
Geospatial Web Engineer
Digital Library Systems, Stanford University Libraries


If you would like to learn more about CURVE, how it is transforming research and discovery at Georgia State University, and how you can help, please contact Bryan Sinclair at or 404-413-2721