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CURVE Design & Planning: Interactive Visualization System

Project site for CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment at Georgia State University Library (2013-2014)

Immersive Touch Display

Centerpiece Technology: CURVE interactWall

Vendor: CineMassive Displays

Highly-visible, large-scale

Multi-user interactive touch

Highest resolution possible; narrowest bezels

Visible to all visitors entering Library South building

Beta test kitchen for touch, gesture-based technologies and natural user interfaces

Part of a unified Interactive Visualization System, the centerpiece technology will be a large-scale touch wall (CURVE interactWall) that will be flexible, easy to use, provide multi-touch control, and be fully integrated in the technology infrastructure of the space. Specialized research stations with high-end computers and large displays are to be located throughout the CURVE facility and networked to the interactWall source computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux) creating a unified visualization system.

  • 2 x 6 wall consisting of 12 ultra-narrow bezel LCD displays
  • 55” LCD displays
  • Dimensions: 24’ W x 4.5’ H
  • Square feet: 108 (approx.)
  • Total resolution: 11520 x 2160; total active pixels: ~25 million
  • Combined bezels: 5.5mm (max)
  • Optically bonded with anti-reflective glass – for touch capability and protection
  • Touch sensor frame for multi-touch, multi-users

CURVE interactWall

Visualization Software & Controller

CineNet Collaborative Visualization Software (from CineMassive) will allow students and other researchers the ability to share visual information across the large touch-enabled visualization system and CURVE desktops. This selected software:

  • allows researchers to aggregate and display visual information from both physical hardware sources and network-based clients
  • provides a network-based solution and intuitive interface for users to manage their content on the CURVE interactWall and the video wall to be controlled via networked computers within the CURVE space
  • contains object-level security with role and user-based permissions
  • provides both a live and preview canvas in the graphical user interface, allowing users to view what is live on the interactWall as well as set up new data sets on the preview space
  • supports multiple client applications simultaneously that can be viewed and controlled from the Alpha Video Wall Processor
  • allows users to drag, drop, expand, and duplicate content across any part of the video wall pixel space
  • provides advanced region extraction controls that allow users to isolate and enlarge particular regions of interest from their information sources to help filter out distractions and focus the audience’s attention on the details that require scrutiny.

Touch Control provides a centralized point of control and automation of all information and environmental systems within CURVE. This allows users to control content from multiple devices such as laptops, iPads, and iPhones.

The Multi-Touch Wall Sensor turns the interactWall into a large interactive touch display that registers up to 12 simultaneous touch points, allowing multiple users the ability to interact, engage, and access content collaboratively.

The Alpha Video Wall Controller from CineMassive is the hardware layer for CineNet. The Alpha is multi-HD image processor that can capture and display content from any device or multiple devices simultaneously at any scale on the video wall canvas. Sources can be freely scaled to any size across displays in multiple video wall arrays simultaneously.

CURVE interactWall

4K Ultra HD Workstation

The addition of an 84" 4K Ultra HD interactive touch workstation linked to the CURVE interactWall with fiber optics will provide added benefit to groups requiring the highest resolution possible for advanced research.

What is 4K UHD? Next-generation resolution explained | CNET

Interview with RMG's Leonard Wong about 4K content

84" 4K Ultra HD similar to the touch workstation coming soon to CURVE

Site Visits

The CURVE Core Design Team, made up of library and information technology personnel at Georgia State, made multiple site visits to universities, research labs, and corporate offices from May to October 2013, in order to research and test-drive the latest visualization display technologies. 

Site demo - Planar 2x2 touch wall - Georgia Power offices - 06-05-2013.  See also Clarity Matrix 3D video wall at the University of Illinois Chicago's Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)

Site demo - LG 84" 4K - Ultra HD LED 3D TV - 06-18-2013

Site demo - Christie MicroTiles - World of Coke - 08-08-2013

Site demo - CineMassive & CineNet - CineMassive Offices - 08-08-2013

Site demo - Planar 84" 4K Touch UltraRes - CTG Conference Center - 08-27-2013

Site demo - CineMassive & CineNet - Coke Headquarters - 08-28-2013

Site demo - Christie MicroTiles - NC State University - 09-05-2013.  See additional images.

Site demo - HiperWall video wall software - Clemson University -  09/30/2013

Site visits - Designing Libraries for the 21st Conference - Christie and in-house developed software - NCSU and Duke - 10-06-2013 and 10-07-2013. See additional images.

Site demo - Anacore Synthesis on touch wall - Baker Audio - 10-22-2013. Multitouch collaboration interface that enables multiple participants to display and interact with on-screen visual data.

Research on Barco systems, such as at Rice’s Chevron Visualization Laboratory and the Stanford School of Medicine

Research on projection systems from Christie at Hunt Library, NCState - see Teaching & Visualization Lab and Creativity Studio

Christie MicroTiles Touch Wall in Gaming Lab at NCSU's Hunt Library - 09-05-2013 (see additional images)



Christie MicroTiles at World of Coke - 08-08-2013Christie at World of Coke


CineMassive / CineNet - 08-28-2013 - installation in unidentified corporate headquarters, midtown Atlanta


CineMassive HQ visit - 08-08-2013


2 x 2 Planar touch wall for GIS applications. Road Trip to Georgia Power - Geographic Solutions & Services - 06/05/2013

Core Design Team

Bryan Sinclair
Associate Dean & Project Lead
Georgia State University Library

Krista Graham
Head, Digital Library Services

Khyle Hannan
Library Facilities Coordinator

Joseph Hurley
Interim Director, CURVE

Technical Advisors:

Keith Campbell
Director, Technology Engineering
Information Systems & Technology

Davide Gaetano
IT Architect
Information Systems & Technology

Jack Reed
Geospatial Web Engineer
Digital Library Systems, Stanford University Libraries