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CURVE Design & Planning: Objectives

Project site for CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment at Georgia State University Library (2013-2014)

Focus Groups

Six focus groups were conducted with 38 Georgia state faculty, staff, and graduate students during the week of September 9-13, 2013.  The full report is here:

Research Objectives

CURVE will facilitate knowledge creation and transfer by connecting people, technology, data, and the latest display technologies in a shared collaborative space. Georgia State researchers will have access to:

  • vast collections of datasets and other forms of digital information
  • the latest software, hardware, and visualization and analytical applications to facilitate research and discovery across disciplines
  • expert staff to assist with the innovative use of collections, including data and digital assets produced at Georgia State University


Georgia State students utilizing this space, personnel, and services will be able to:

  • understand the types research tools and software available to accomplish specific goals
  • acquire hands-on computational and spatial literacy skills
  • work across disciplines and make new connections outside of the classroom
  • gain valuable experience working closely with peers, fellow researchers, librarians, and technologists on research design, methodology, and data analysis.

Regular workshops and presentations will provide ongoing training for all campus researchers: students, faculty, and staff.




People are our most valuable resource, including:

  • existing library personnel, redefining the role of the information professional to better meet the demands of a 21st century research university
  • existing campus personnel with expertise in ArcGIS, SAS, SPSS, NVivo, etc. providing regular workshops and training in this central space
  • Student Innovation Fellows, GRAs, and University Assistants (peer mentors) available throughout the week, evenings, and on weekends
  • expanded partnerships with Library, IS&T, Honors College, URSA, and academic departments


CURVE is not just about technology. It is equally focused on the people who use that technology.  Interactivity is critical to CURVE’s success, now and in the future, including:

  • the seamless interaction of hardware and software

  • enhanced human-computer and human-human interaction through natural user interfaces (touch and gesture-based) and virtual reality technologies as they are developed

  • serendipitous interaction of multiple users and groups sharing the same space and canvases for collaboration

  • interpersonal interaction of investigators from diverse backgrounds seeking to bridge quantitative and qualitative methods, creativity, and diverse modes of inquiry

  • peer-mentors and expert staff and faculty assisting in the discovery, creation, and innovative use of data and spatial applications

Core Design Team

Bryan Sinclair
Associate Dean & Project Lead
Georgia State University Library

Krista Graham
Head, Digital Library Services

Khyle Hannan
Library Facilities Coordinator

Joseph Hurley
Interim Director, CURVE

Technical Advisors:

Keith Campbell
Director, Technology Engineering
Information Systems & Technology

Davide Gaetano
IT Architect
Information Systems & Technology

Jack Reed
Geospatial Web Engineer
Digital Library Systems, Stanford University Libraries