CASA/Humanities Inclusivity Program (Summer 2023)

The Political Rap Database (Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey)

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See also tabs Finding Popular/Mainstream Articles and Finding News and Newspaper Articles for sources for popular accounts/articles.

Anthropology/Women, Gender & Sexuality Lab (Dr. Jennie Burnet)

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See also the library's Metropolitan Atlanta and Georgia History research guides.

Mapping Atlanta (Dr. Brendan Collins)

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See also the Research Data Services tab for more information about the library's Research Data Services department.

See also the library's Metropolitan Atlanta research guide.

Disability, Access, and Inclusion Lab (Dr. Kathryn Crowther)

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For search terms, you may want to think about terminology for specific disabilities and specific access/accommodations issues. 

See especially the library's Disability Research research guide for resources on how and where to search.

MARTA Archaeological Collection and Atlanta's Past (Dr. Jeffrey Glover)

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See also the library's Metropolitan Atlanta and Georgia History guides.

Victorian Novels and London Digital Tour (Dr. Melissa McCloud)

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Try searching in the library's catalog ( or click "Library Catalog" on the library's homepage) using these terms (will work best if you use "Advanced Search", like this*):   (click image to embiggen and to see the search in action!)

Selecting "Subject" from the dropdown will bring up all materials with the search terms in the SUBJECT field ("about" that topic).

Select "OR" from the dropdown connecting the search terms (to the left) means you are asking for materials using one or both of these search-term sets.

For a broader range, you can select "University System of Georgia" instead of "Georgia State University" under "search scope." This will search all of the libraries in the University System of Georgia, including GSU. If a book is available in print at another USG school, you can request that it be sent here to any of the GSU libraries for pickup. (Doesn't work for ebooks though -- libraries can't lend ebooks to other libraries).

*I cannot draw with a mouse to save my life....

Black Women's Maternal/Reproductive Health (Dr. Ashlyn Strozier)

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The Smith College Libraries have SisterSong's records from 1994 - 2012; their finding aid is available here. For more recent documentation, you'd probably need to contact SisterSong directly.