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CASA/Humanities Inclusivity Program (Summer 2021): Research Basics: Finding Scholarly Articles

Search Hints

   to search names as a phrase | ex: "walter cronkite"

   as a wild card | ex: wom*n

AND between words to NARROW results | ex: cat AND dog

OR between words to EXPAND results | ex: cat OR kitten

3 Ways to Get to Articles Databases

There are three ways that you can get to the library's databases,
from off-campus (as well as from on-campus):

  1. Use the Databases by Subject dropdown to find databases for a particular subject area
  2. Use the Databases by Name links if you know the name of the database you're looking for (i.e., Worldwide Political Science Abstracts is under "W" for "Worldwide")
  3. Use this research guide (or any of our other research guides!)

If you are off campus, when you click the name of a database, you will be asked for your Campus ID and password. After that, you'll have full access to the database*. But in order to get that access, the database has to identify you as GSU faculty/student/staff.

*There are a very few databases that you can't access this way (looking at you, Ancestry Library Edition) and are only usable in the actual library building). These are clearly marked in the database listings as ON CAMPUS USE ONLY.

Interdisciplinary Article Databases available @ GSU

You can access our databases from home!

You will likely to be asked for your Campus ID and password first: this is to ensure your access to the materials included -- the database needs to know that you are a a GSU student.

Don't forget to check related research guides to find additional databases for your topic.
To see all of our databases, use our A-Z list.

Subject Article Databases Available @ GSU

These databases focus on specific disciplines. To search more broadly, try the databases in the "Interdisciplinary Articles Databases" box.

You can also use the "Databases by Subject" dropdown menu on the library's homepage tab to identify relevant databases by subject or discipline.

Subject-specific research guides can also help you find more databases for your topic.

Didn't She Say "EBSCO" and "ProQuest"?

Jets vs. Sharks, EBSCO vs. ProQuest...

GSU works with companies who sell us access to our various databases.

Two of our big database providers are EBSCO and ProQuest. 

  • Once you understand how to search in an EBSCO database, you'll have a good sense of how to search in other EBSCO databases.
  • Once you understand how to search in a ProQuest database, you'll have a good sense of how to search in other ProQuest databases.

Most databases will have an Advanced Search option where you can

  • Combine search terms by using multiple search boxes
  • Limit your search to scholarly/peer-reviewed articles
  • Limit your search by date of publication (helpful if you know you need the most recent scholarship, or need materials published during a particular time period) 

Useful Handouts