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Special Collections and Archives: Nurses and Nursing--A Guide to Sources: Rare Books

Special Collections and Archives sources pertaining to nurses and the nursing profession.

Rare Books

  • Rare Books
  • Cumming, Kate.A Journal of Hospital Life in the Confederate Army of Tennessee,...Louisville: J.P. Morton & Co; New Orleans: W. Evelyn, [1866]. An eye-witness account of hospital life during the Civil War, including the treatment of prisoners and "the neglect of the suffering." Call number: Rare E 621 C97.
  • Nightingale, Florence. Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not. (London: Harrison, [1860]). This book provides insight into early perceptions of sanitation and health concerns within the nursing profession. Nightingale's intent in this seventy-five page essay is to "...give hints for thought to women who have personal charge of the health of others." Call number: Rare RT 51 N68 1860.

Lee Eltzroth, August 2001