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SWANK Digital Campus streaming films: GSU Movie Screening Policy

Streaming films/movies instructors may select for course use.

Public Performance Policy

Movie Screenings

Copyright law does not permit public performance of a movie without permission or a public performance license. One exception is when the movie will be shown by an instructor in the course of face-to-face teaching activities in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction. The showing must be for instructional purposes (not for recreation, entertainment, or general cultural value) with the instructor or a student leader personally present. Typically, the movie must directly relate to a course’s curricular goals as described in the course syllabus. The copy of the movie being shown must have been lawfully made. (17 USC §110(1)). A legal copy purchased or rented from a store or distributor, borrowed from a library, or streamed from a library licensed source may be used.

Licenses for Kanopy and Swank do not include public performance rights. The face-to-face teaching exception does apply. See the Kanopy and Swank guides for information about using content in your course pages.

  • Kanopy Streaming Video is only for “personal, internal, noncommercial purposes" unless designated with the PPR symbol, which allows for non-curricular uses like student organization events and film club nights.
  • Swank Digital Campus is “solely for the purpose of research, teaching and private study.”

Films on Demand is for classroom teaching, research, presentations, and educational non-commercial multimedia projects for use in educational institutions, provided no admission or other fees are charged for public viewing. Authorized Users may stream, display, publicly perform, or exhibit the Video Titles asynchronously on a single computer or network, course management system, or password-protected Web Platform. 

Academic Video Online (AVON) can be used for reasonable classroom and educational uses.

Event Sponsors who wish to show a movie in a GSU facility must demonstrate that they have secured a public performance license authorizing them to do so. Please see page 27 of the Student Center Policies and Procedures, “Movie Showings” section, for Student Center screening policies.