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SWANK Digital Campus streaming films: FAQ

Streaming films/movies instructors may select for course use.

SWANK Digital Campus database

SWANK Digital Campus provides access to feature films, television series, and documentaries. It allows all GSU faculty to legally distribute streaming films to students for educational purposes. There are no restrictions on the number of faculty who can use the film as part of their course curriculum. Students can view them individually at home or as a group in class. 


What's the password?
SWANK Films are accessed with your GSU user ID and password.  Certain features are only available to faculty and require faculty to create an account using their GSU credentials. SWANK will send an email with a link for you to verify the account.

What titles are available from Digital Campus?

"Swank Motion Pictures is the nontheatrical distributor for the majority of the major Hollywood studios as well as many independent, foreign, art house, and documentary offerings. We currently hold thousands of titles in our library." Search available titles via the Swank Digital Campus Movie Search or browse films by subject area in Curriculum Enhancement. Our current license does not allow us to add addition films to the library collection.

Are SWANK films available off-campus?

Yes, you will be prompted for GSU user name/password if you want to access SWANK Digital Campus database off-campus.

How do I get access to movie titles that aren't on the list of currently available films?

We are not taking requests for new films at this time. If there is a particular film you are looking for, ask a librarian or email and we'll see what we can do to meet your needs.

Is closed captioning available?

Yes, films with closed captioning are available. There may be a few films that SWANK has not captioned.

Can I use one of the currently activated films in the Digital Campus portal if I did not request it?

Yes, all instructors can use any currently activated film in their class. Direct your students to the SWANK Digital Campus Database (GSU Username and password required off-campus.)

How long will the current list of films be available?

Films are licensed for one year, beginning in spring and fall semesters..  Expiration dates are listed on each film.

Can I email my students the link to my film instead of placing the link in iCollege?

You may give your students a link to the SWANK Digital Campus Database  (URL:  You may also provide them the links obtained from within the database. These will prompt them for their GSU username and password. (This is a change from previous requirements that films could only be used in iCollege because these now require log in.)

How do students access the films?

Students can access most available films through SWANK Digital Campus (GSU user name/password off-campus). Alternatively, students log in to iCollege, select the proper course, and then click the link to the assigned film.

Will students need any special software or hardware to view the film?

Student computers will need to have Microsoft Silverlight or Widevine browser plugin loaded on them. Both Silverlight and Widevine are compatible with Mac and PC and are free.

What if I do not have Silverlight or Widevine on my computer?

If Silverlight/Widevine is not currently on your personal computer, a pop up will appear with instructions for a quick installation. After installation, refreshing your browser should allow access to the application.

 What are the audio and video specifications?
  • Video: 720 x 480 aspect ratio with frame rate of 29.97 fps

  • Audio: 128 kbps Stereo CBR

  • Network connection: 1.5 Mbps (megabits) minimum, 3.0 Mbps recommended

  • RAM: 1 GB minimum

  • CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHz minimum

Can I watch SWANK films on a mobile device?

Yes, use your Android or iOS device app store to download SWANK media player. Use your device browser to select a film. Once you click Play, the app will be launched automatically.

Can I show SWANK films at campus events that are open to the public?

No. You may show films in class or students may watch them individually, but not at public events.

Our licensing agreement states:

The streaming license provided for motion pictures is for non-theatrical showings only. Screenings are intended for individual academic use only and cannot be open to the public or projected to an audience outside of the registered course. Advertising through media such as radio, television or newspaper is strictly prohibited. Films may not be duplicated, copied, modified, or captured in any permanent way by use of computer or digital recording device.

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