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Video at GSU

A guide to video offerings at GSU

Important links for SWANK Digital Campus


Please note:

For the 20-21 academic year, we have 114 videos licensed through SWANK. A list of the films available  is on the SWANK guide ( This guide also includes instructions for technology issues and how to get links.


Faculty:  Want to put a link to a specific film in iCollege or elsewhere? Go into Swank, open the film you want, and click on “Copy direct link.” You do not need to request a link. SWANK films may also be shown in class. However, use is limited to GSU users, so SWANK films should not be shown in public, such as at orientation or the student center.


Obtaining Links for SWANK films

It is not necessary to request links for use in iCollege.

Students and Faculty may access most films directly through the SWANK database.

Get links through the database as follows:

  • Log into the SWANK database.
  • If prompted, select Student or Faculty.  (Faculty-level access requires setting up a free account, which is not necessary to get a link.)
  • Click on the film you want and a box will appear that includes options to "Watch" or "Share." (See image below)=>0
  • Click "Share" to open linking options.
    • Click on “direct link” for a link that you can share directly with students (e.g. email) or place in iCollege following procedures for inserting a link. This will prompt them for their GSU credentials. 
    • Click on the “LMS link” for html code to create a link in an HTML editor.
    • Unfortunately, SWANK no longer generates embed codes, only links.
  • Note: Linking options are also available while you are on "Watch" mode.

In SWANK, click share, then choose Copy Direct Link or Copy LMS link from the dropdown.