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ENGL 1101 & 1102 Textbook User Guide

User Guide for Perimeter College's Freshman Composition e-textbooks

Why Not to Print

Reasons not to print the whole e-text file:Treehugger by Betsy Streeter - Creative Commons Attribution license

  1. The file is very large and will take a long time to load to the printer. 
  2. Campus libraries and CatLabs are not equipped to deal with many students printing the text at once.
  3. You may not need the whole text.
  4. Using the e-text electronically allows you to easily revise your notes and highlighting and search within the text.
  5. Save a tree!

Use the book electronically or print a range of pages as you need them.

Image by Betsy Streeter CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Printing the e-text from iCollege

You cannot print or save documents from the Preview screen. If you need to print or save, follow these steps.

1. Go to your iCollege class and click on the PDF file to open the document in preview mode.

2. Click on either the download button or the download icon (circled in blue in the image below) to download the document. You do not need to wait on the document to finish loading in Preview mode.

 How to download from preview

3. You may need to respond to various pop-ups to allow the document to download. This includes “Enable Editing” in Microsoft software.

4. Once the document is downloaded, you can save the document and/or send it to the printer.

5. Select the desired printer. If desired, choose a page range, two-sided printing, and/or multiple pages per sheet.  Send to printer.

Print a range of pages instead of the whole book

selecting a page range and black-and-white printing

6. If using a campus computer:

· Enter your job name and your username in the pop-up box that appears.

· Log into the print management station to retrieve the print job. You will need your Panthercard or a Visitor card to print/pay for all documents.


Printing at Perimeter College

Printing on Perimeter College Student Printers

  • Student printing on Perimeter College black and white printers is 6 cents per page.
  • Students taking on-campus classes have $7.50/semester for printing and photocopying on their PantherCards, so they will need to add additional funds if they are going to print more than 125 pages per semester. To add money, you will need to open a PantherCash account and add funds online or at a Value Transfer Station. 
  • Students enrolled exclusively in off-campus or online classes are not issues printing and copying funds on their PantherCards. They can add money to their PantherCards or use a Value Transfer Station to purchase a visitor card for $1, then add the necessary funds.  (Exact cash is required for visitor cards.)

Copyright note

Students and instructors can print the textbook without concern for copyright violations, but may not sell the text for profit. Printing for non-commercial use is permitted within the Creative Commons license.