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Potential resources for GPC's ENGL 1101 Textbook initiative. (ARCHIVE)

Subject Guide

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Scott Pieper
Decatur Campus


Proposed timeline:

            Aug 12, 2013Have several options by convocation, present to subcommittees to review

·     Fall 2013 - Ready to present options to Engl faculty on Faculty Dev. Day

·     Spring 2014 – subcommittees to develop content.

·     Summer/Fall 2014 - pilot text

·     Spring 2015 - assess, revise.

·     Fall 2015 – should be in use as approved English text


·     Lower the cost of education

·     Increase student engagement (include interactive elements)

·     Create content which is multimedia rich (can start simple and add multimedia later)

·     Embed assessment tools into learning content

·     Connect to the system (D2L?)

·     Not bound to a particular timeline

·     Consider transferability to other institutions

      Printable options

      Comply with copyright