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ENGL 1102 Reference Guide: Gender & Sexuality

This guide's purpose is to help the students in ENGL 1102 find archival material at GSU for their coursework.

Gender & Sexuality: Printed Materials

Athens Gay/Lesbian Alliance Newsletter (Digitized)
Alternative tirle: ALGA. The six newsletters that were donated to the  Gender and Sexuality Collections by Douglas B. Caulkins are probably all that were published. 

Atlanta Gay Center News (Digitized)
The Atlanta Gay Center's publication The News has its roots in the formation of Atlanta's gay center, begun in the late 1970s, arising as a protest to the growing popularity of the homophobic public rantings of Anita Bryant, who became known as the orange juice and pageant queen of Florida to gay Atlantans. The Atlanta Gay Center's first publication began as a monthly organization activities newsletter, then became a biweekly news/entertainment publication, and finally, a monthly news/review/opinion monthly publication with Associated Press credentials. Homophobia, hate crimes, the AIDS epidemic, and gay activists' aspirations for political change, informed much of The News reportage. Social and civil rights advocacy, along with internecine bickering amongst the gay community itself, is reflected in the editorial opinions published in The News, as well as its equally biting satire through political cartooning of those historic, political discourses. Each edition of The News was produced by AGC unpaid volunteers pursuing their collective efforts to create a record of this period of time in Atlanta's gay civil rights movement. 

Jeff Cornett Papers, 1984-1993 (Q184)
Jeff Cornett, a nurse and public health activist and trainer, helped battle the AIDS crisis during the 1980s and 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia. The Jeff Cornett papers, 1984-1993, consist of flyers, research papers, posters, medical training materials, 2 videotapes, periodicals, and t-shirts. The majority of the collection relate to the AIDS crisis.
Collection includes printed flyers and comic books about many aspects of HIV/AIDS.

Gender and Sexuality Periodicals Collection
The Gender and Sexuality Periodicals collection is an artificial collection of serial publications about and for the LGBTQ community in Atlanta, the southeast, and the world. Materials are usually received by Special Collections along with donated manuscript collections.

Jim Heverly Papers, 1979-1999 (Q178)
Jim Heverly papers, 1979-1999, undated, consist primarily of photographic prints documenting LGBTQ life in Atlanta. The photos were created or gathered for Etcetera magazine. Documenting nightlife and performers, the photos are as filed by the magazine. Some printed materials and manuscript items are interspersed in the files. The collection also includes a scrapbook, circa 1979-1982, that predominently highlights drag performers in Atlanta and elsewhere.

Unitarian Universalists Lesbian and Gay Community Newsletters (Digitized)
Newsletters documenting the national issues affecting the gay community, as well as the activities, meetings, and regional events organized by and related to the lesbian and gay community at the Unitarian Universalist church in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visionary Newsletter (Digitized)
This newsletter was published by Gay Spirit Visions, an all-volunteer group of men established in 1989. Members are committed to creating safe, sacred space that is open to all spiritual paths, wherein men who love men may explore and strengthen spiritual identity. Every year GSV holds retreats and conferences that are attended by men from all over the United States.

Gender and Sexuality: Textiles and Artifacts

Jeff Cornett Papers, 1984-1993 (Q184)
Jeff Cornett, a nurse and public health activist and trainer, helped battle the AIDS crisis during the 1980s and 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia. The Jeff Cornett papers, 1984-1993, consist of flyers, research papers, posters, medical training materials, 2 videotapes, periodicals, and t-shirts. The majority of the collection relate to the AIDS crisis.
Collection includes t-shirts, buttons, stickers.

Maria Helena Dolan Papers (Q134) (IN PROCESS: ASK ARCHIVIST FOR ACCESS)
Maria Helena Dolan is an Atlanta-based lesbian who was a member of the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance, the Digging Dykes of Decatur, the Atlanta Lesbian and Gay History Thing, the Atlanta Pride Committee, and a number of other organizations. She wrote regular columns for local publications, including Etcetera Magazine.
Collection includes buttons, t-shirts, stickers, artwork.

Linda Ellis Papers, 1993-2017 (Q193)
The Linda Ellis papers, 1993-2017, consist of correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, promotional materials, flyers, news clippings, t-shirts, financial records, pins, and artifacts. The bulk of the material comes from Ellis's work with the Atlanta Lesbian Cancer Initiative and Fourth Tuesday. Linda Ellis is a psychotherapist and former executive director of the Health Initiative (formally the Atlanta Lesbian Cancer Initiative).
Collection includes photographs, buttons, stickers, event swag.

LGBTQ T-shirt Digital Collection
This collection brings together t-shirts from across the Gender and Sexuality Collections. It does not currently include all holdings. 

Lorraine Fontana Papers, 1947-2014 (Q110)
Lorraine Fontana is an activist for the LGBTQ community and has fought for social justice since her early college days. Her papers, 1947-2014 (bulk 1968-2010), include correspondence, conference materials, flyers, notes, programs and publications, representing her activities in Atlanta, New York, and elsewhere.
Collection includes t-shirts, flyers, buttons, bags, bumper stickers, fans, magnets, signs.

Bill Gripp Collection of Atlanta Gay Center Records, 1940-2006 (Q196)
The Bill Gripp Collection of Atlanta Gay Center Records consists of administrative reports, committee and board minutes, correspondence, press releases, flyers, photographs, photo negatives, audio cassettes, VHS tapes, newspapers, and newspaper clippings collected by William (Bill) Gripp in connection with the Atlanta Gay Center. The collection spans from 1940-2006, with most materials from 1982-1996. This is the period Gripp served as a board member of the Atlanta Gay Center.
Collection includes photographs, pamphlets, flyers.

Joining Hearts Records, 1990-2014 (Q137)
Correspondence, minutes, planning notes, event materials, financial documents, legal documents, photographs, and event souvenirs from 1990-2014 make up the records of Joining Hearts, Inc. Joining Hearts, Inc. is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that has provided housing support to people living with HIV and AIDS in Atlanta since 1987.
Collection includes event souvenirs, posters, flyers.

Asha Leong Papers, 1977-2019 (Q171)
The Asha Leong papers, 1977-2019, consist of flyers, correspondence, newspaper clippings, t-shirts, a small number of periodicals, event materials, buttons, and media. Asha Leong is healer, coach and trainer focused on helping queer and trans, people of color thrive.
Collection includes t-shirts, flyers.

LGBTQ Institute's Jim Allen Papers, 1956-2016 (Q149)
The LGBTQ Institute's Jim Allen papers, 1956-2016 (bulk 1989-1993), includes articles, clippings, correspondence, flyers, petitions, and protest ephemera and photographs of the many protests ACT UP organized in Atlanta. The materials relate to the many challenges posed to people with HIV during the height of the AIDS crisis.
Collection includes t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, flags, fans, photographs, posters, protest signs.

Pici Papers (Q179)
Pici papers, 1949-2004 (bulk 1979-1981) documents Atlanta’s lesbian community of the 1970s with artifacts of the Red Dyke Theatre group, Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance (ALFA), and community events. The Red Dyke Theatre was created in 1974 by Frances Pici and other members of ALFA. Their performances contained parodies of pop culture and issues that affected women and lesbians at that time. This collection features photos, various film and audio, and costumes from the Red Dyke Theatre group as well as paper documents and scripts.   Red Dyke Theater Collection includes costumes, flyers, programs.

Uri Vaknin Papers, 1985-1995 (Q194)
The Uri Vaknin papers (1985-1995) consist of textiles, artifacts, publications, papers, photographs and slides relating to donor's AIDS activism. The bulk of the manuscript materials are related to Vaknin's work on the AIDS Cure Art Project. In addition, the papers contain 13 t-shirts, assorted artifacts, and a large piece of artwork.
Collection includes buttons, t-shirts, flyers, artwork, exhibit materials.

Andrew Wood Papers, 1987-2014 (Q121)
The Andrew P. Wood papers consist of flyers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, t-shirts, bumper stickers, as well as extensive materials relating to the Atlanta chapter of ACT-UP, 1987-2014. Andrew Wood is a graphic designer and gay activist.
Collection includes posters, flyers, buttons, t-shirts, matchbooks, pamphlets.


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