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DBA 9061: Advanced Search Techniques: Non-Business Databases

Contact Liaison Librarian in Other Fields

Business is an interdisciplinary field.  In your research, you may consider crossing over to non-business and field-specific databases. You can contact GSU liaison librarians in other fields to setup a consultation through this DIRECTORY link.

Web of Science: Advanced Search

1.  Learn how to use Web of Science Advanced Query Search. Click Here


2. Learn how to use Web of Science Advanced Combining Search Sets. Click Here

Crossover Database: How to search ERIC

Crossover Database Example: IEEE Explorer

Research Topic: Investment decision making using eye-tracking technology.  To explore eye-tracking technology applications and background information, IEEE Explores can be helpful with linking technologies and business applications.

IEEE Xplorer

A digital library serving as a discovery and access resource for scientific and technical content in publications for electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics.

Web of Science

Crossover Database Example: ERIC

Dissertation Topic: Staff development using Agile vs. Waterfall. ERIC - An education database was useful when the CIS training topic overlaps into education theories and research. 

Crossover Database; IEEE Explorer