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DBA 9061: Advanced Search Techniques: PICO - Evidence-Based Framework

Video Tutorial: Using the PICO Framework in Business Applications

Video Tutorial: Applying PICO in Web of Science

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Using the PICO Framework In Business Research

PICO Framework is a research method used in evidence-based clinical research.  Although PICO started in clinical research, in some instances you can use apply PICO as a systematic search for business applications.

PICO Framework:                  Business Application Example:

P- Population of interest          IT Managers, Project Professionals or Managers

                                                 How do you describe your population characteristics?

I- Intervention or Interest          Agile Software 

                                                 What intervention, process, or aspect are you


C-Control or Comparison          Waterfall Software

                                                  What is your control group or a comparison?

O-Outcome or results                Man-hour, Cost, Reliability, etc.

                                                  What are you hypothesizing that your intervention will


Research Statement: What do IT managers see as the results of using the Agile Software in comparison to Waterfall Software in their project developments?