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Public Health: Online Program in Chronic Disease: Health Systems

This research guide is for Georgia State's career development program for public health workers.


Organizations and Resources



Commonwealth Fund Video Series, #1

Health Reform and You: Strengthening Primary Care

In this video, part of a new health reform series, Melinda Abrams, vice president for the Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Program, explains how primary care doctors' visits are changing.

Commonwealth Fund Video Series, #2

Health Reform and You: Improving Care for Vulnerable Populations

In this video, Pamela Riley, M.D., senior program officer for The Commonwealth Fund's vulnerable populations program, outlines the need to improve care for vulnerable groups, which include low-income people, people without insurance, and people in racial and ethnic minority groups.

Commonwealth Fund Video Series, #3

Health Reform and You: Paying for Care That Leads to Healthier Patients. 

In this video, the third in a series about health reform, Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis discusses how changing the way we pay for and deliver health care will improve the U.S. health system.