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Public Health: Online Program in Chronic Disease: How to Find Articles

This research guide is for Georgia State's career development program for public health workers.

About Databases

What is a database?
The GSU Library subscribes to journals, newspapers, and books in electronic format which can be found in databases.  Many databases give you only a citation telling you where to find the article, not the article itself.

What's the difference between HTML full-text, PDF full-text, and an abstract?
HTML full-text is the text of an article displayed as a web page. Some articles in this format do not provide original charts, data, or photographs that appeared in the original article.  If this is the case, there usually is a note indicating that this information was omitted.

PDF full-text is an electronic version of the original article or a scan of the article.  In either case, the article appear exactly as it was printed in its original format.  This means that any charts, data, or photographs will appear in this version of the article. 

Abstracts do not provide full-text of an article, only a brief summary of the article content.  It will also provide citation information which includes the article author(s) and title, journal title, volume, issue number and pages.

Getting Articles from Databases in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Is there a "Full-Text" or "PDF" or "Linked Full Text" link that will take you directly to the article? If yes, great!

If not, go to #2.

Step 2: Is there a button? If yes, great!  Click it. 

Follow the link to this page.  If you see a "Full text online" link, great!

If not go to #3.

Step 3: If you see the "Sorry, no electronic full text is available" message, click the link below it that says "Request this item through interlibrary loan."

Follow the path to the interlibrary loan page and order the article.  It should arrive in an email sent to your GSU account in 1-2 days.