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Special Collections and Archives: Georgia State University History: Timeline

A guide to the history of Georgia State University.

Timeline: 1910-Present

Institutional Names
Geographic Location


  • Georgia School of Technology-- Chemistry Building (1913 only) photo
  • Georgia School of Technology's Evening School of Commerce (1914-1933)
  • Walton Building (1914-1916)--corner of Walton St. NW & Cone St. photo, 1973
  • Peachtree (or City) Arcade (1917-1921)--Peachtree St. [at Wall St. SE] photo,1950s


  • Murphy Building--18 Auburn Ave., corner of Pryor St. and Auburn Ave. (1921-1926)
  • 106 Forsyth Street NW (1926-1931)
  • George Sparks, Director and later President (1928-1957) photo audio


  • 223 Walton Street NW (renovated)--the first building owned (1931-1938) photo
  • 223 Walton Street NW--old Sheltering Arms Building, prior to renovation (1930-31) photo
  • University System of Georgia's Evening School (1933-1935) [independent, under new Board of Regents]
  • 160-168 (entrance at 162) Luckie Street NW (1938-1946) photo
  • University System of Georgia's Atlanta Extension Center (1935-1947) [independent, under new Board of Regents]
    • a) Georgia Evening College (Night)
    • b) Atlanta Junior College (Day Division)


  • Ivy St. Garage/Bolling-Jones Building [now Kell Hall, 24 Peachtree Center Ave.], 24 Ivy Street SE--corner of Ivy St. and Exchange Place (1946-present) photo
  • Gymnasium-Auditorium--behind Kell Hall (1947)
  • Indian Creek Lodge (1947/1948) photo
  • Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia (1947-1955)

1951-1960 *

  • Georgia State College of Business Administration (1955-1961) [independent]
  • Noah Langdale, President (1957-1988) photo


  • Georgia State College (1961-1969)
  • Georgia State University (1969-present)


  • William Suttles, President (1988-1989) photo
  • John Palms, President (1989-1991) photo


  • Sherman Day, Acting President (1991-1992) photo
  • Carl Patton, President (1992-2008) photo
  • Mark Becker, President (2009-2021) photo
  • (Georgia State University and Georgia Perimeter College consolidation, 2016)
  • M. Brian Blake, President (2021-present)



* GSU expanded rapidly from the 1960s forward. See "Building Timeline" for details.

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