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Information for Health Sciences & Public Health Faculty: Scholarly vs. Popular Journals

Library information for GSU faculty in the Health Sciences and Public Health

Scholarly vs. Popular

Verify Peer-Reviewed Through Ulrich's

Search Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

If you're ever unsure whether an article is peer-reviewed, you can look up the journal title in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. Select Title (Exact) in the top right Quick Search box and enter the name of the journal. A referee jersey icon will appear next to the journal title if it is peer-reviewed.

Is my article peer-reviewed?

Not all published material has the same credibility.

Peer-reviewed articles have more authority because they have been scrutinized and approved by scholars in a particular field. In other words, they have been reviewed by the author's peers.  Peer-reviewed articles/journals are also called scholarly, academic, or refereed (as opposed to popular and trade journals). To learn more, see this tutorial.

There are ways to identify peer-reviewed articles including:

Limit database searches to only peer-reviewed articles

When searching for articles in databases, look for a search option for limiting to only peer-reviewed articles. In EBSCOhost databases, look for this option on the bottom half of the Advanced Search screen. There is no peer-review search limit option in PubMed or Web of Science.