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Introducing BrowZine

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine works by consolidating academic journals from multiple publishers in the GSU Library collection into an easily browsable newsstand format for your mobile device or web browser.

  • Customize your personal bookshelf with journals you want to track.
  • Browse tables of contents and be alerted to new issues.
  • Easily read recent articles or full journal issues.
  • Sync settings/journals between your tablet and phone.
  • Download and save articles for offline reading.

As its name suggests, BrowZine is designed for browsing recent scholarship in journals you read regularly or in tracking specific subject areas.  Older backfiles (pre-2005) are not generally available within this service.  For more in-depth research or to find articles on a specific topic, we recommend subject specific databases or Discover search.  For access to the library's full range of back issues, please search our Journal List.

Getting BrowZine

On your desktop or laptop use BrowZine web - available from our list of databases

To access BrowZine from your smartphone or tablet, download BrowZine as a free app on your device.

Open BrowZine and choose "Georgia State University" from the list of libraries. Logon with your campus ID and password. (Don't forget to update this setting in BrowZine when you change your campus ID password.)

Supported Devices

iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches with iOS v7.x+
BrowZine for iPad and iPhone FAQ


Android tablets and phones running Android 4.1 or higher
     Google Nexus
     Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note
     Amazon Kindle Fire HD
BrowZine for Android Tablet FAQ

Sync your bookshelf on multiple devices
Simply create a free BrowZine account on each device, and your journals and article notifications will be synced.

NOTE: At this time syncing is not available between the web version and mobile apps. This feature is expected in early 2016.

What Journals are Included?

Most of the scholarly journals to which the library directly subscribes are included in BrowZine. Newspapers, aggregator content, trade journals, and popular journals are outside the scope of the BrowZine project, and are therefore excluded.  Here is a growing list of participating publishers.